Individual tutorials.

With my final tutorial with Caroline, I wanted to confirm decisions for my final exhibit pieces. After Emma suggested a triptych, I made the connection between having 3 images and my title. As my title is ‘My Anxiety, My Struggle, My Control’, I thought I could possibly have an image which represents anxiety, struggle and control. As I had a few images which could represent both anxiety and struggle, I found it quite hard to define which would be the strongest to fit each. I went into my tutorial with Caroline not really sure of which images to use, but Caroline thought it would be best for me to quickly print some shots to help visualise the 3 pieces. I picked out 9 images which I thought were the strongest, including particular ones Caroline had picked out including the balloon, dandelion, rose, scratching and nail digging into skin.










Caroline definitely felt that some images were stronger than others but also expressed how some of these 9 images reiterate the same kind of idea, such as the nail digging into the skin and scratching of the collar. This could make it quite repetitive rather than a series which compliments each other to create a strong narrative. She advised me that using more than one image created a stronger narrative, but not to pick images which were too literal. From this selection, Caroline removed the image of the tree, flower and one of me crying as they didn’t work so strongly in creating the narrative.

There were a number of combinations to experiment with such as the nail digging into the skin, the underwater image and the scratching of the collarbone but these all portrayed feelings of anxiety and didn’t include a still life which I felt was important as it holds a huge role within my project. A particularly good pairing was the image of me holding the balloons and the dandelion, something which I previously picked up on when reviewing my selection for potential finals as they both represent slowly letting go of my anxiety but even though it gets better, it still remains with me. However, these two wouldn’t just work on their own, so I considered whether these 2 could be paired with 3 images to portray my anxiety like the underwater one, nails in skin and scratching at collarbone. However I felt like having 5 framed prints was just too much especially with the book, I just felt as it there would be too much going on. I want to make it approachable and digestible. Finally I came to the decision to use these 3 final images.





By using these 3, it meant I could include a still life image but also cover both the build up of the anxiety and the release. It also fit well with the title ‘my anxiety’ represented by my coping mechanism of digging nails into the skin when overwhelmed by anxiety; ‘my struggle’ represented by not being able to breathe underwater signifying not being able to breathe when having a panic attack; ‘my control’ represented by segments of the dandelion flying off into the distance, signifying my anxiety slowly drifting away and improving.

Caroline advised me to meet with Emma Lambert the following day to discuss my final decisions and Emma liked the combination of the first two particularly with the tones but wasn’t sure about the third of the dandelion. I explained how I had picked 3 after she suggested a triptych and also to fit with my title. Emma then suggested whether I could do 4 instead, bringing back in the image of me holding the balloon to go with the dandelion and lead me to consider whether this would become much of a problem in relation to the title. I wasn’t sure at first, but the more I thought about it the more it grew on me. I thought 5 would be too much, but 4 seemed like the right balance to create a suitable narrative as well bring back the great combination of the 2 images. I decided that although it didn’t fit the same ‘power of 3’ as the title, it was more important to get the exhibition right than to make it work with the title because it still represented it.

I then discussed presentation methods with Emma, explaining I was considering having them framed and A4, without a window mount or border. Emma suggested I use this opportunity to really make an impression as although I expressed I didn’t want them to be bold or big and making a statement, whether I could use mounting effectively to create something to entice the viewer. Emma felt as though my anxiety was being shown through my hesitation to make bolder choices for my presentation and encouraged me to explore my options of mounting, borders and different coloured frames.


~ by victoriasimkissphotography on May 14, 2015.

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