Individual Tutorial.

For my tutorial with Emma Lambert, I had a selection of images I wanted to include in my book and a possible order for the sequence. After meeting with Emma Critchley the week beforehand, she advised me not to always pair the images together as some act as a ‘release’ to others and maybe I could think about building up the anxiety then releasing it all. For this reason, the first half of the book is made up of anxious, dark images as well as some of the harsher coping mechanisms like digging my nail into my skin and scratching around the collar bone. I have then used brighter still lives of flowers symbolising hope and new life to signify my anxiety improving. The use of the still life images also represent the improvement of my anxiety because it has been another coping mechanism. David Rule also suggested a running theme of different trees in my book and although I haven’t stuck to this strictly, I have included a parallel of the dark, leafless, dominant tree in the beginning of my book but then an image of branches with vibrant green leaves in the positive half. I have also drawn another parallel from including an image of raindrops on a window with a dark, dull background but on the positive side, raindrops on the window again but the dark clouds are clearing away to reveal a bright blue sky. I really like this because it shows the anxiety moving away and revealing a brighter future but the raindrops act as a reminder that it is still there. Below is the arrangement I was initially experimenting with, including potential images which I hadn’t shot yet.

20150506_105913 20150506_105920 20150506_111159 20150506_111204

Notes from my tutorial:

  • Possibly use Bob’s books to order my book.
  • Images at the moment are quite clean, possibly experiment with different layers and blending modes on Photoshop.
  • ‘Staged’ shots are the weakest images.
  • Can the mask be used in any other way?
  • What other things have helped my anxiety improved? Can these be included?
  • Need to create more of a balance both sides or maybe even more on the positive side.
  • Could mimic the layout on both sides?
  • Some of the coping mechanism pairings work well.
  • Not sure about the image with my boyfriend (not shot yet).
  • Create a triptych for the final exhibit with book.

There was a lot for me to take into consideration following this tutorial. I wasn’t sure how I felt about experimenting with my images especially considering the time left and I also expressed I wasn’t very confident with Photoshop. Whilst I had a look for some downloadable layers and also came across some tutorials, I couldn’t find any that I felt fit with my images and was conscious that I couldn’t just apply it to one, I would have to edit a lot of them if not all of them. If I had considered this earlier on in the project, it is possible it could have worked well but as I thought more about it, I liked my images as they were rather than making them a bit destructive and out there. I wanted them to be relatable to my viewers rather than too full on and hard to read.

As Emma expressed she felt my staged images were the weakest, this meant I had to reconsider my final exhibit as I was going to have one of these printed quite large. Emma suggested that I create a triptych instead to give more of a narrative and understanding to the viewer, therefore this was something to take away and think about which 3 would work best.

During the tutorial, Emma asked what other things had helped me overcome my anxiety. I explained how I have been to the doctors, had counselling, kept a journal, coming to university forced me to deal with it and it has just improved over time. Although she encouraged me to try and bring these elements into the positive side of my book, I wasn’t really sure how I would be able to photograph these things therefore this is something I also had to think about further. If I’m able to do this, it would help balance out the layout of the book and may also create the opportunity for more pairings. Overall, the tutorial left me with a lot of things to consider, quickly due to the time constraints but thoroughly to make sure I get it right.


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