Self Portrait Shoot 2 Review.

For my second self portrait, I had a clear idea of the kind of image I wanted to achieve. When having a panic attack, one of the biggest struggles is feeling like you can’t breathe and I wanted to depict this through an image of myself emerged underwater, suggesting drowning and not being able to breathe. I will also be blowing bubbles to hide my face as this theme is running throughout my project. I knew the light in the bathroom wouldn’t be very good so I booked out a flashgun to help improve this. I was conscious of it being quite bright and reflecting off the white bath or water surface, so I aimed the head away from the subject so the light bounced rather than hitting directly. I used Ben to test the lighting and composition beforehand so he knew what I wanted the image to look like, then took place after filling the bath with water.


I actually struggled with being underwater a lot more than I thought, meaning if my breathing wasn’t right I ended up with water up my nose which burned immensely! Once I was able to get into the technique, we tried a number of different shots. In some of the images I didn’t feel like my hair was flowing dramatically enough and in others, I didn’t think there was enough going on. I tried working with my hands round my neck to add to the representation of not being able to breath but didn’t really feel like this added anything. Then I tried it with my hand stretched out, ‘reaching for help’ but Ben seemed to be struggling to get both the hand and my face in focus, and I didn’t think this worked particularly well either. On reflection, I actually prefer the images with just my face as it draws more attention to the ripples in the water and the distortion this creates on the face. I think I have captured the sense of ‘not being able to breathe’ well although the image is quite direct and to the point, I may choose to use Photoshop to enhance it aesthetically. I am unsure as to what this photo will pair well with from my still life and landscape images but this will be something I consider when I can see all my images during the selection process. It may be possible that it works well on it’s own.


~ by victoriasimkissphotography on April 26, 2015.

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