Updated Project Proposal.


A brief description of the project you will be carrying out including the methodology you will undertake, the presentation strategy you aim to employ, and the context for which you intend to create the work.

“Anxiety is one of the most prevalent mental health problems in the UK and elsewhere, yet it is still under-reported, under-diagnosed and under-treated.” (Mentalhealth.org.uk, 2015). After previously sharing my own story about my battle with anxiety in Phonar, I decided I wanted to carry on working with this through my photographic practice, sharing my journey whilst also challenging the stigmatism surrounding mental health. With one of my main coping mechanisms being enjoying the beauty of the outdoors and changing landscape, I will be photographing still life and landscape throughout the year, particularly the captivating changes created by the seasons. I will be combining these images with a series of self-portraits, a theme I explored through Picbod, to immerse the viewer in the struggle and emotions I have experienced each day. These images will compliment each other whilst creating a representation of my world engulfed by anxiety, helping raise awareness to others about the illness.

I will conduct research into still life and landscape photographers that I feel appropriate and relevant to my practice, allowing me to appreciate their approach and technique to help develop my own ideas. Similarly, I will be looking at artists who have explored self-portraiture and consider how this influences my own style. Finally I will also be researching photographers who have created work stemming from mental illness as this will be interesting and stimulating to consider their responses. Not only will I be creating a photographic response, but I am also hoping to create a blog where I can share my story and my photographic work with others, in a hope to help and talk to other people who are suffering with anxiety.

By following the landscape and its changes throughout the year, photographing what captivates me and helps represent my emotion, whilst also creating and experimenting with expressive self-portraits, I will build a solid base of images to edit and organise for my final selection. I will be shooting both in and out of the studio, embracing natural light and experimenting with artificial light to compose interesting and intriguing images. I will also follow up with postproduction to edit my images as desired to enhance them aesthetically.

The presentation strategy I intend to take is through one powerful printed and framed image. Those that are not selected as my final print, I will present in a photo book to create an intimate, personal narrative for the viewer to engage with and learn about my experience.

Mentalhealth.org.uk, (2015). Mental Health Statistics: Anxiety. [online] Available at: http://www.mentalhealth.org.uk/help-information/mental-health-statistics/anxiety-statistics/ [Accessed 24 Mar. 2015].


Identify the skills you think you will need to develop, and the resources you envisage being required to enable a successful resolution of your idea within the given time and theme.

This project will enable me to develop a variety of skills. My research skills will be continually improved whilst using a number of resources to build a better understanding of my theme. I will begin with the use of library books based on still life and landscape, photographers exploring mental illness and also self-portraiture. This will provide me with a good base knowledge to help me identify my own style and technique for the production of my images. Following this, I will also use journals, articles and websites for my topics to broaden my knowledge of ideas and concepts, particularly looking at mental health online as often people use this to share their experiences on various platforms.

My project will allow my to develop my photographic skills particularly in the studio. I intend to experiment with different lighting set ups to portray different moods and feelings in my images. I will also be shooting with a macro lens which I have very little experience with, allowing me to highlight fascinating textures in my objects. Through postproduction I will develop my Photoshop skills to a high, aesthetically pleasing standard.

Finally, the project will help me develop my editing skills, as this will be the first time I have created a book as well as a final print. My selection process will be incredibly important in helping decipher which is my strongest image to work well printed and hung in a frame whilst capturing and captivating the viewer’s attention. I also want my book to have a strong sense of narrative as photographing throughout the year gives a sense of time, which runs parallel to my struggle with my anxiety and the sense of hope as my illness improves.


Plan how you will use the study time allocated for this Module. This would include dates for tutorials, seminars, workshops, shooting, processing, printing, editing, mounting etc. (You are advised to build in a one-week buffer zone – i.e. have everything ready a week before the deadline, as something always goes wrong..!)

As this is an updated proposal, I have rewritten my timetable from when I have changed my idea.

  • Complete analysis of research. 24th
  • Extra research following change of topic. 20th
  • Start shooting self-portraits. 13th
  • Individual tutorial. 15th
  • Formative feedback review. 22nd
  • Final decision of presentation methods. 22nd
  • End of all photoshoots. 28th
  • Individual tutorials. 29th
  • Selection of finals. 30th
  • Make photo book. 1st
  • Individual tutorials. 6th
  • Send photo book to print. 7th
  • Print finals. 7th
  • Mount finals. 11th
  • Individual tutorials. 13th

Deadline 20th May 2015.


With reference to the Assessment Requirements (see below) and Intended Learning Outcomes for this Module, specify what you intend to achieve by the end of this project and try and summarize what you hope to have learnt. This section should also include a sentence describing how you want your audience to respond to your work – how, ideally it would be appreciated and understood. 

By the end of this project, I want to have used a solid base of thorough research into photographers to inspire my own style and ideas to produce an interesting and engaging piece of work which highlights the huge affect anxiety can have on someone’s life. Through critically analysing my own practice and images, I will learn what makes a successful image and what does not work so well. This will result in consistent experimentation and professional commitment to produce the best results that will form the high quality photographic material presented to my audience. I want my work to be easily understood for all, allowing my audience to appreciate anxiety, continually helping contribute to encouraging those suffering with mental illness to speak out. Overall, I hope to have learnt how to successfully share an important message to many people through my photographs. I also hope to have improved my confidence further as a photographer in research, developing ideas, shooting, analysing, postproduction and presenting.


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