Shoot 6 Review.

As Spring comes around, this is one of my more recent shoots. As I started seeing daffodils growing and blossom on the trees, I knew I needed to photograph it soon rather than missing the opportunity. I revisited a place I had previously photographed around Winter which was more enjoyable as I was able to reflect on how things had changed in the area.

Spring 1 Contact Sheet 1 Spring 1 Contact Sheet 2 Spring 1 Contact Sheet 3I was a little disappointed from my shoot as there didn’t seem to be as much to photograph as I’d hoped. Often I would see beautiful blooming flowers but they were in people’s front gardens which meant I couldn’t get as close up as I would want to and the photo I could take from afar just wouldn’t look good in my opinion. There would be beautifully coloured blossom on trees but with houses in the background, which you can see from DSC_5854 and as I have previously pointed out how I feel I struggle with landscape, I didn’t know how to tackle turning this into a useable image. On the day of the shoot it was also quite windy and not particularly bright which meant I was using shutter speedsĀ ranging between 1/60 and 1/250 whilst also using a wide aperture however I would sometimes find myself struggling to get the focus right as things blew around. I was particularly conscious of getting a good image of a daffodil, as I think this is one of the huge indicator of spring representing new life and emotionally, I feel this signifies hope. This may be something which my participants find significant as it may represent for them, the seasonal affective disorder ‘going away’. One image which particularly stands out to me from this shoot is those of dark tree branches taken from below, which I previously identified as something I liked from one of my shoots in Autumn. Here it is a lot darker and daunting and for me, represents a feeling of being trapped. Therefore it will be interesting to see whether something I learn from my participants would be suited to this image. This again will be something I will make a decision on during the reflection process once I have spoken to my participants.

There was also a time in very early March, when I was out photographing for other commitments when I took a couple of quick shots by a scenic river.

Winter:Spring Random Contact Sheet

These will probably be the least likely of images I will use, as there was a very short time span where I was able to get some of these images however it demonstrates how it was often on my mind to absorb the landscape and photograph what caught my attention. Rather than being representative of emotion, I think these are just aesthetic shots showing the landscape. Regardless of this, they will still be included as possibilities for my final selection. Like I have stated previously, if I were to make the project collaborative, one of these images may be picked on the participants decision rather than mine.


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