Shoot 3 Review.

My third shoot was my first where I decided to photograph ‘autumn’ outside but I decided to keep my images quite close up to capture texture and detail rather than capturing large landscapes. This gave me the opportunity to photograph trees, leaves on branches, on the floor and other things changing through November. This meant a lot of my images had mostly interesting tones of browns and yellows.  Although I felt like photographing outside didn’t give me as much control over the images, particularly with lighting as the sun kept coming in and out, I do think it gives the images a more natural, real feel.

Autumn 3 Contact Sheet 1 Autumn 3 Contact Sheet 2 Autumn 3 Contact Sheet 3 Autumn 3 Contact Sheet 4 Autumn 3 Contact Sheet 5 Autumn 3 Contact Sheet 6

Throughout the shoot, I mostly worked with a wide aperture to create a small depth of field, defining the close up detail whilst gently blurring out the background. I have always enjoyed images with this technique and I think working in the studio limited this a bit, as working outdoors means the detail is still in the background but doesn’t distract away from the main focus. I also had the macro lens with me, which made things a little awkward having to keep swapping the lenses when I felt appropriate but it did mean I could get some lovely shots of morning drew on the leaves and grass blades. Annoyingly, a few of these images actually came out a little blurred as it was challenging enough to try and get the photo in focus, but also keep my balance whilst trying to crouch down and take it. From this shoot, I particularly like the shots I have looking up the tree branch which captures the contrasting thick, thin, jagged and straight branches reaching out in different directions and guiding the eye throughout the photo. I find it engulfing and mesmerising.

On quick reflection I am quite pleased with how these images have turned out however I yet again face the same problem of how they will be able to tie in with Seasonal Affective Disorder. Thinking back to my group tutorial with David Rule, he pointed out possibly capturing warning signs or the first hints of SAD returning. Bryony who suffers with SAD informed me of how seeing the leaves changing fills her with dread as she knows it’s coming back. These are the sort of points I could use to tie in my images, particularly ones from this shoot as I think they work better capturing them outdoors rather than in the studio. This will be something I take into consideration once I have spoken to those who suffer with SAD and can begin selecting my final images.

Apart from my planned shoots, there have been times when I have been out photographing for alternate purposes and I have come across some things that have caught my attention with potential for use in my final project.

Autumn 4 Contact Sheet 1 Autumn 4 Contact Sheet 2


My particular favourites from this contact sheet are the final few images of the berries where I have used a wide aperture to create a very shallow depth of field, creating all the focus on the shape and detail of the subject. It has also picked out a tiny water droplet and dew on a cobweb wrapped round the branch, defining a foggy autumn morning beautifully. Although I really like the photo, I am not sure how it will fit in of my theme with SAD. This may mean my selection process becomes quite difficult by having to make decisions between the photos I really like and the ones which represent feelings and emotions best. Again, this will not be something I will be able to distinguish until I speak to my participants and have a better understanding.


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