Shoot 2 Review.

My second shoot followed shortly after the first in the beginning of November, as I had lots of autumnal objects collected ready to shoot including conkers, pine cones and lovely coloured leaves. The shoot also followed shortly after my brother’s wedding which has an autumnal theme, meaning luckily for me I had a beautiful bouquet to photograph. Although it had started withering a little by this point, I didn’t necessarily see this as a negative and offered the potential for interesting images. Similar to last time, I was very conscious about not having access to these items in the future meaning I took a lot of photographs, experimenting with different angles and lighting. I also was a lot more confident using the macro lens this time round, capturing some beautiful close up detail and textures.

Autumn 2 Contact Sheet 1 Autumn 2 Contact Sheet 2 Autumn 2 Contact Sheet 3 Autumn 2 Contact Sheet 4 Autumn 2 Contact Sheet 5 Autumn 2 Contact Sheet 6 Autumn 2 Contact Sheet 7 Autumn 2 Contact Sheet 8

As decided from reflection on my previous shoot, I decided to use a black background and felt this worked a lot better by subtly making the objects stand out as well as looking more artistic rather than just a ‘product’ shot. I also felt it really enhanced the vibrance of colours such as in the flowers, deep red, pale green and yellow leaves. I already have quite a few favourite shots from this shoot for different reasons, particularly the beginning ones of the bouquet where I used a wide aperture to create a short depth of field, defining the flowers perfectly whilst the stalks fade out of focus, enhanced by the soft lighting from the right. Not only did it offer the opportunity to capture it as a whole but also allowed me to zoom in to loads of different areas, however this could often mean that the camera settings weren’t the best initially as I closed in on darker subjects. Next I decided to mix up my sets up with a combination of pine cones and conkers and conkers with the leaves, to compliment each other and really define that autumnal feel. However it did seem like this was quite hard to capture at an aesthetic angle, which is where I decided to bring in the macro lens to get some really close shots. I particularly liked the close frames of the pine cone, capturing their unique shape and pattern. Finally, I moved onto photographing the leaves and think these images captured some incredible line, texture and shape. Some of the leaves I found had also begun decaying which I found made a really fascinating image as something which is dying can have so much beauty and delicacy – ‘nature morte’.

I soon learnt that macro photography can lead you to appreciate something or view it in a completely different way. It brings a new perspective to the viewer of something you see on an everyday basis, I certainly haven’t appreciated how much detail you can discover in a leaf before! However I am uncertain of how when using a macro lens it blurs the edges of the photograph, with quite a pin specific point which is in focus and I am not sure whether this deters from the image overall. Sadly again with this shoot, I didn’t have a thorough project plan so when I refer back to these images in the future, I am unsure of how relevant any of them will be to Seasonal Affective Disorder. However whilst I question this, it may be an opportunity to making my project more collaborative and allowing my participants to view the photographs and see if they can make connections with them, or whether they have a particular way they want to portray their emotions or story.


~ by victoriasimkissphotography on March 7, 2015.

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