Final Accompanying Presentation.

After my feedback from the rehearsal, I made the following changes to my presentation. Firstly I changed the theme to simple black and white after my last seemed too corporate. This makes it easy to view and also doesn’t create any distraction away from the visual case studies.



  • Title page.



  • I was a little unsure whether to include this image, but I needed a way to bring in something more visual earlier on in my presentation. Times Square in New York is famously known for its huge advertising billboards and I felt this fit my line ‘so the image remains in the consumers thoughts, longer than the thousands of other images that are seen every day’.




  • I decided to keep my quote from Roland Barthes as he is a key theorist within my paper however I shortened it slightly so the slide isn’t so text heavy.



  • Case Study 1.



  • I also kept this quote by David Ogilvy as it introduces the section of my paper about narrative, as well as allowing the audience to think about it.



  • Case Study 2.



  • Case Study 3.



  • Kept quote from Judith Williamson it was commented how this worked well in my rehearsal, by putting up before it is spoken in the script it lets the audience start thinking about it.


  • As previously discussed in my last presentation, I felt this text by Banksy sums up in a more blunt, brutal way how we are being manipulated by advertisements and rounds my presentation up nicely.

I was a little disappointed with how this new presentation turned out, however I was rushing to make changes before the ‘deadline’ implemented by the curation team as there was only a short turnover between the rehearsal and this deadline. If I’d of had more time, I would have considered what else I could have included without making it too text heavy as I felt this was very limited in contrast to my previous presentation. Nonetheless, I think it allows more time for the viewer to digest both the quotes and the visual case studies without distracting too much away from my actual paper., (2015) Letter From Banksy On Advertising [online] available from <; [27 January 2015]

Adeevee (2015) Lynx Excite Deodorant: Faye [online] Available from <; [28th January 2015]

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New York Post, (2014) City Eyeing Times Square Billboards To Collect More Tax Dollars [online] available from <; [19 February 2015]

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