Accompanying Presentation.

These are the accompanying slides I created in order to support and visually aid my paper.


  • Title page.


  • Introductory/important quote for viewers to digest and consider.


  • I decided I wanted to include this slide in my presentation 3 times, with the specific subject in bold and italics when talking about that topic. I felt this would help keep the flow of the presentation going rather than having it on the same slide for a while.


  • I included a slide with the quote by Roland Barthes as I feel he is a key theorist within my paper.


  • I found this one of my important points in my paper and also allows the viewers to again digest and think about the quote.


  • Case Study 1.


  • Another key point from David Ogilvy for the audience to consider, as well as introducing the section on narrative.


  • Repeated slide to remind the viewers the subject of narrative is being discussed.


  •  Case Study 2.


  • Introduction of section about evoking emotion through advertisements.


  • Case Study 3.


  • Another important statement for the audience to reflect upon.


  • I came across this image through one of my web pages – a piece written by Banksy discussing how the advertisers are basically mocking us. I felt that after collating all my research, putting it together and drawing a conclusion, this picture summed up brilliantly the message I wanted to share., (2015) Letter From Banksy On Advertising [online] available from <; [27 January 2015]

Adeevee (2015) Lynx Excite Deodorant: Faye [online] Available from <; [28th January 2015]

Barthes, R. (1997) Image Music Text. London: Fontana Press.

Cody Burridge (n.d.) Advertising/Lynx Axe [online] Available from <; [28th January 2015]

Iannone, J. (2013) 21 Ways Advertisers Are Manipulating You And You Don’t Even Know It [online] available from <; [27 January 2015]

Knowles, J. (2015) Jonathan Knowles Photography – Advertising Photographer [online] available from <; [27 January 2015]

Messaris, P. (1997). Visual Persuasion. 1st edn. London: Sage Publications.

Saunders, D. (1988). Professional Advertising Photography. 1st edn. London: Merehurst Press.

Saunders, D. (1994) The World’s Best Advertising Photography. London: B.T. Batsford Ltd.

Source (2014) ‘Advertising’. Source The Photographic Review (79).

Williamson, J. (1978). Decoding Advertisements. 1st edn. London: Marion Boyars Publishers Ltd.


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