Tutorial with David Rule.

  • Slow transition from images to a practice based in writing over the last 10 years.
  • Using writing to record, treasure, remember, represent similar to using a camera.
  • Density of a block of text gives a sense of graphic.
  • Photo on then left, text on the right.
  • We look for a thread when putting images together.
  • Text ‘fixes’ the narrative. Forces the connection.
  • Does one have authority over the other?
  • Can one alter the other?
  • A picture worth a thousand words? Each block of text is 1000 words.
  • Worked with turning text into instruction, shared through website.
  • Ran for about 3 years.
  • The Daily Nice – David Evans (?)
  • Sharing something everyday which made him happy.
  • Re-engage with snapshot photography.
  • Photography became so ‘serious’, wanted to go back to photographing people he loved.
  • Likes the idea of the text telling you something.
  • Wanted to make a piece around being taught something.
  • Video useful for learning.
  • Kenneth Goldsmith – Fidget 1997, wrote down every movement he made in a day.
  • Wanted to be taught so many things.
  • Trying to learn how to click fingers but became more interested in the shape of friend’s thumbs.
  • Taught how to knit on a train journey – wrote it all out once he got home.
  • 2009 – lift.
  • Type out the journey when got to the bottom, then printed and handed out.
  • Dora Garcia, Instant Narrative, 2008 – computer set up, swapping people round who type up what is going on in the room shown on a progression.
  • Went from writing 2 minute journeys to 6 months of life.
  • Dieter Roth, Solo Scenes, 1997 – set up cameras in house to record self doing different activities.
  • Didn’t feel like television was real enough.
  • Was able to take away ‘the stories we tell each other.’
  • Key ingredients – headline, paragraphs inside, each sentence a single anecdote.
  • 2010 – online exhibition in response to ‘looking’.
  • Worked with online material, Google street view was new at the time.
  • Chose a couple of places which represented the chance of ‘turning back’.
  • Use language to fill a void which Google couldn’t..
  • Printed address on the cover of small text hand-outs so they could see the panoramics.
  • Invited to fill a big space at the …….. ICA?
  • Tend to stick to what he knows when feeling uncomfortable.
  • Illustrated a conversation over remembering the ICA with a friend.
  • Projectors representing the tangents in the conversation.
  • Teaching about making artist books.
  • Thinking brought into focus through Ulises Carrion.
  • The book isn’t just a container, it’s just as important as the text within.
  • Anouk Kruithof, The Daily Exhuastion, 2010. Lose leaf, becomes quite anxious to look through.
  • Came up with ‘sandwich book’.
  • Inspired by Telfer Stokes and Helen Douglas, Chinese Whispers, 1975.
  • Chose bread and asked friends what should be on it.
  • Opening and closing of book represents the closing of the sandwich.
  • Still working with experiments using the form of the book.
  • Make sense of image making.
  • Trying to discover why one image should be chosen over another.
  • Trying to make sense of what he is doing when taking pictures.
  • Confused with truth and handling photography.
  • Transmittable images to communicate, making them in ways we previously weren’t able to.
  • Jack’s hands, tells the story of the great fire of London with his hands.
  • Drawings.
  • Show at The Poetry Library in London.
  • Produced small pamphlets.
  • Teaching, sharing and translating an experience.
  • Patrick Keiller, London 1994.

I thoroughly enjoyed David Rule’s talk and how he has worked with writing – I found it particularly inspiring and left me wondering whether there was a particular way I could incorporate this into my final major project. Following his talk, we had group tutorials explaining our ideas for our FMP. Here are the notes I made.

  • As I was explaining my idea, I was discussing how I wasn’t sure a photograph of the different colours of the changing leaves would be able to represent SAD to which one of my peers who suffers with SAD explained that when she sees the leaves changing, it acts as a reminder for her that “it’s coming back”. This was really helpful as I was beginning to have doubts about my idea and how I would be able to link the photographs I already had with SAD but this was a perfect example.
  • Could investigate the warning signs.
  • The first hint.
  • Coping mechanisms.
  • Both extremes of SAD – not just winter but how the summer can affect it too.
  • Different perspective, difference of shooting in winter and summer.
  • Hints of metaphor – documentary genre?
  • Gareth McConnell – distorted sunsets.
  • Vicky Sherwood (I have searched for this artist on google however sadly I haven’t been able to find anything so I think I may have copied the name down incorrectly).

David helped me consider the different ways I could explore my project, not necessarily looking specifically at the landscape reflecting SAD but elements such as the warning signs of it starting or the different ways people cope with it. My peer also encouraged me to possibly explore the extremes of SAD as some suffers not only suffer with it in the winter but summer can bring excessive positive emotions too.


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