Visual Case Studies.

After beginning to piece together my essay and the particular paragraphs I wanted…

  • The signifier and signified.
  • Narrative.
  • Emotion.

it was important to for me to find relevant visual case studies to support the argument I was making. As previously discussed, I struggled a little to grasp how I was meant to find these. Of course advertisements are everywhere but how could I pick just 3 out from the masses and millions which would be suitable for my paper? I also wanted to make sure that I was able to find the photographer of the image in the advert.

To try and narrow things down, I started thinking about advertisements that had stood out to me. One brand which came to mind was Lynx. With a wide range of different scents, such as Lynx Dark Temptations and Lynx Peace, along with these have come interesting adverts. For example Lynx Dark Temptations smells like chocolate, therefore when the male sprays this deodorant on him, in the advert he turns to a chocolate man which every woman wants to lick and bite, suggesting the deodorant makes him ‘tasty’ and desirable. After browsing through various Lynx deodorant adverts, I came across one for Lynx Excite and decided to investigate further. I discovered it was created by advertising agency BBH London and photographed by Cody Burridge. (Adeevee 2015). I felt this advert would fit really well within my signifier and signified paragraph as there are a number of connotations created through the set up of the image. With a beautiful young woman in a shot whom appears as an angel holding her halo in her hands, combined with the caption ‘Even Angels Will Fall’ gives the sense that a male that chooses to wear Lynx Excite will have these beautiful women falling for him, resulting in selling of the brand.



Secondly, I needed a visual case study for my narrative paragraph. I was pretty sure I already knew what I wanted to use for this – the Silvikrin Hairspray advert from Source magazine. (Source 2014). With the accompanying text from Judith Williamson, this really helped me break the advertisement down and understand the certain elements as well as raising my awareness that connotations of war had been attached to create an interesting narrative to sell the brand. I can also use quotes by Judith Williamson from this article to aid my argument.


Finally, for my third paragraph on emotion I wanted another visual case study. I remembered about how right at the beginning of the module where I was considering if still life has become more commercialised, I came across photographer Jonathan Knowles. On his website, you can see the number of photographs he has shot for different advertising campaigns. (Jonathan Knowles 2015). One image which stood out to me was the Diet Coke advert created by BETC London. I felt that this proved as a good visual case study for my emotions paragraph as the male’s six pack and the drink both act as signifiers for pleasure. It also successfully targets the consumer individually by offering what them want they want and ‘There’s nothing like a six pack to put a smile on your face’ translates as the advertiser knowing what you desire.


For these visual case studies to work successfully in my paper, I need to provide visual analysis of them so it highlights the power of photography within advertising. I can also use them to provide good examples of the points I am making and allow the audience to understand and connect better with the ideas I am discussing., (2015) Letter From Banksy On Advertising [online] available from <; [27 January 2015]

Adeevee (2015) Lynx Excite Deodorant: Faye [online] Available from <; [28th January 2015]

Cody Burridge (n.d.) Advertising/Lynx Axe [online] Available from <; [28th January 2015]

Iannone, J. (2013) 21 Ways Advertisers Are Manipulating You And You Don’t Even Know It [online] available from <; [27 January 2015]

Knowles, J. (2015) Jonathan Knowles Photography – Advertising Photographer [online] available from <; [27 January 2015]

Source (2014) ‘Advertising’. Source The Photographic Review (79).


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