Questions & Individual Tutorial.

After picking out key points and quotes from my books, along with finding different examples of advertisements which had been revealed as manipulated, I concluded there were 2 directions which I could take my paper. I could either explore the manipulation through for example, the signifier and signified and the creation of narrative in an advertisement, or I could explore the extent of digital manipulation of advertisements and how they have created an untrue representation. Personally, I found myself more interested in exploring truth in the signifier and signified as I feel there is already huge focus on manipulation of models in images to look more attractive and appealing. However despite this, I felt I had currently discovered more material and case studies to create a better argument for the untrue representation created through digital manipulation.  I decided I wanted to speak to Caroline about this, along with some other queries and concerns I wanted to clear up.

  • How advertising ‘works’.
  • Explore the truth of signifiers and signified? eg. Silvikrin advert from Source OR explore truths of retouching eg. Ralph Lauren, L’oreal Lancome, Kiera Knightly.
    • Include photoshop disasters?
    • Round up with efforts to ban these retouched images.
  • Should I include McDonald’s burger manipulation? Interesting video about how there is a lot of criticism of how burger’s which are served to customer’s look nothing like how they appear in adverts.
  • Should the audience be involved?
  • What goes into the actual presentation?
    • Can I include quotes not used in my paper?
    • How do I ‘speak’ incitations?

Notes from APT with Caroline.

  • Focus on the truth of signifiers and signified – more interesting!
  • Don’t talk about the McDonald’s burger manipulation, it is irrelevant here.
  • It is good to involve the audience – ask questions but do not expect an answer back. Then again, do not assume that you won’t be answered.
  • Include images/case studies you are discussing.
  • Include quotes that have been used in the paper, not those which haven’t as they have already become ‘irrelevant’ therefore they don’t need to be brought back in.
  • Paraphrasing comes across better orally.
  • ‘Unwrapping’ advertisements.
  • Consider how we are being told a lie?
  • What are we being told?

Following this APT, I was a bit apprehensive that Caroline advertised me to talk about the truth within the signifier and signified, rather than through the manipulation of images. I had already kind of made up my mind in my head that I would go for what I felt I knew best, but then again I was relieved and excited that she suggested I discuss the truth within the signifier and signified as I was finding this more interesting myself. It also made me think back again to Anthony emphasising how important it is to be passionate about what you are talking about and I found myself really engaged in this topic. Therefore it was time to move on quickly and start piecing together my paper!


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