Reviewing Web Pages.

Weissman, S. (2014) There’s A Push To Make Photoshopped Models In Ads Illegal – Digiday [online] available from <; [24 January 2015]

  • Seth Matlins started ‘Feel More Better’ now raising awareness for harmful manipulation, including a Q&A session discussing opinions on the effect of manipulation.

Mail Online, (2011) Covergirl Ad Banned By U.S. Watchdog In First Major Step To Restrict ‘Misleading’ Use Of Photoshop In Beauty Campaigns [online] available from <; [24 January 2015]

  • National Advertising Divsion restrictions of misleading advertisements, different examples which could be used within my paper., (2015) Top 10 Photoshop Disasters Of 2011 – PSD : Photoshop Disasters [online] available from <; [24 January 2015]

  • Endless examples of how Photoshop has become ‘disastrous’ – some are so bad to the point where it’s actually funny! How on earth can these photos be edited but not notice the mistakes that have been created with them? Could add these to my presentation just for a bit of fun for the audience but also to show how ridiculous Photoshop editing can be.

Co.Create, (2014) “This Is Who We Are Now:” Why Aerie Stopped Retouching The Models In Its Ads [online] available from <; [24 January 2015]

  • Lingerie brand Aerie launches new ‘real’ campaign, good example to demonstrate ways in which digital editing is being avoided.

AdWeek, (2015) Modcloth Signs Pledge To Avoid Retouching Photos Of Its Models [online] available from <; [24 January 2015]

  • ModCloth pledge to include a ‘Truth in Advertising’ label for retouched ads – this could be really effective as it immediately informs the viewer that manipulation has occurred within the image, particularly if it has become unrealistic.

Condliffe, J. (2015) The Photographic Tricks That Make Mcdonald’s Burgers Look Good [online] available from <; [24 January 2015]

  • McDonald’s burger manipulation – a good video giving an answer to the debate of why McDonald’s burgers never look the same when they are served as to how they are shown in advertisements. Really interesting to see the studio set up and procedure of these adverts and essentially giving an explanation as to why. Not sure how this would fit into my paper or presentation but thought provoking.

Reuters, (2015) L’oreal UK Ads Banned For Retouched Photos [online] available from <; [24 January 2015]

  • Banned L’Oreal advert.

PetaPixel, (2013) Real Beauty Isn’t Retouched [online] available from <; [24 January 2015]

  • Good variety of retouched celebrity examples.

PetaPixel, (2013) Humanoids: Beauty, Photo Retouching And The Uncanny Valley [online] available from <; [24 January 2015]

  • “The uncanny valley” – found this a little confusing for what I wanted to look at and also have a lot of other sources to use.

Sweney, M. (2011) L’oréal’s Julia Roberts And Christy Turlington Ad Campaigns Banned [online] available from <; [24 January 2015]

  • Banned L’Oreal advert.

Sweney, M. (2013) Mila Kunis Ad Campaign Banned For Misleading Claims [online] available from <; [24 January 2015]

  • Image of Mila Kunis used to promote misleading sculpting cream and also briefly covers other banned campaigns.

BBC News, (2011) Airbrushed Make-Up Adverts Banned [online] available from <; [24 January 2015]

  • Banned L’Oreal advert – found a lot of articles relating to this therefore it may be worth considering using it as a case study.

BEAUTY REDEFINED, (2014) Photoshopping: Altering Images And Our Minds [online] available from <; [24 January 2015]

  • Article discussing manipulation along with examples.

BEAUTY REDEFINED, (2012) Photoshop Phoniness: Hall Of Shame [online] available from <; [24 January 2015]

  • Article discussing manipulation along with examples.

NY Daily News, (2015) Ralph Lauren Goes After Web Site For Mocking Photoshopped Ad [online] available from <; [24 January 2015]

  • Ralph Lauren criticism backlash after an image was released where the model looks ridiculously thin, width of shoulders wider than hips.

Mail Online, (2015) Has Keira Knightley Gone Under The Airbrush Again As The Face Of The Coco Chanel Campaign? [online] available from <; [24 January 2015]

  • Coco Chanel & manipulation of image of Keira Knightly.

Cohen, R. (2009) Should Photos Come With Warning Labels? [online] available from <; [24 January 2015]

  • Another Ralph Lauren advert and discussion about the use of warning labels., (2015) Is Photo Retouching Ethical? | Harrington [online] available from <; [24 January 2015]

  • Short article considering arguments for/against retouching.

Corey Rich Productions, (2013) STORY BEHIND THE IMAGE: Questioning The Ethics Of Photo Manipulation In Digital Photography Today – Corey Rich Productions [online] available from <; [24 January 2015]

  • Ethics of photo manipulation.

With these web pages, I have a good variety of examples which I could pull out, analyse and use as case studies for my argument discussing the notions of truth. I can also use articles which discuss the use of warning labels and campaigns created to promote ‘natural’ beauty as a conclusion as to how these problems are being targeted.


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