Objects of Desire: The Modern Still Life – Margit Rowell.

I initially took out Objects of Desire: The Modern Still Life by Margit Rowell when I was considering basing my topic around still life however as it entailed ‘objects of desire’ I hoped I may still have been able to find relevant quotes to possibly include in my paper.

“The potential customer or consumer must identify this imagery instantly as an object of urgent desire and pleasure, to be possessed. It is the pleasure principle made tangible, immediate, real.” (Rowell, 1997: 167).

This was the only relatable quote I was able to find which again touches on provoking through photographs in advertisements. It helps the consumer view the product in the advert ‘as an object of urgent desire and pleasure’. This urgent desire will be what makes the consumer long for the product immediately, similar to how Jeff Weiss believes that the advert should slap you in the face. Williamson also drew on this ‘object of desire’ through “what the advertisement clearly does is thus to signify, to represent to us, the object of desire… the advertisement is actually feeding off that subject’s own desire for coherence and meaning in him or her self.” (Williamson, 1978: 60). The advertisement is representing something the consumer is longing for.

Overall, this book was not very useful in terms of progressing my research however I still think it was good to quickly go over it and see if there was anything. I can now potentially include the quote in my paper to support my argument about the use of emotion in photographs in advertisements.

Rowell, M. (1997) Objects of Desire The Modern Still Life. New York: The Museum of Modern Art.

Williamson, J. (1978). Decoding Advertisements. 1st edn. London: Marion Boyars Publishers Ltd.


~ by victoriasimkissphotography on January 22, 2015.

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