Photography for Advertising – Dick Ward.

These are the key points I picked out from Photography for Advertising by Dick Ward, and how they have influenced the progression of my research.

“The essence of advertising generally, and advertising photography in particular, is to turn something which is ostensibly mundane into an exciting and arresting image. The advertising photographer is selling dreams and aspirations – sometimes his own.” (Ward, 1990: 6).

“creating an elaborate yet intimate image that invites the viewer to almost imagine a story rather than just see the objects in the shot.” (Ward, 1990: 6).

“all adjustments or additions to the product must be within the bounds of the guidelines laid down by the Advertising Standards Authority. So the final image must be a trust representation of the product; this isn’t necessarily easy, because something that may taste appetising doesn’t always look it on film.” (Ward, 1990: 9).

“there is scarcely an advertising photograph that hasn’t been retouched to a lesser or greater degree.” (Ward, 1990: 9).

“as advertising photography is about selling, and more and more unusual imagery is created in an effort to attract the consumer (with the aid of graphic computers and other hi-tech equipment) the retoucher could well become the star of tomorrow.” (Ward, 1990: 9).

I found that I actually really enjoyed this book and was glad to see detailed pictures to support. The book included various interviews and it was really interesting to see discussions of how advertisers, photographers and art directors handle particular set ups. However due to this I felt it made most of the book quite useless in terms of research for my paper as there was very little, if any discussion of editing in the interviews. Despite this, I would love to revisit this book at a later date as I found it so interesting to see how advertising images are actually created and each role that each person plays within a team. Due to my time constraints I was cautious on spending too much time on something that wouldn’t be very useful however I did find one particular quote which stood out to me.

Ward considers the importance of “creating an elaborate yet intimate image that invites the viewer to almost imagine a story rather than just see the objects in the shot.” (Ward, 1990: 6). He draws upon the importance of an exciting image to entice the viewer but also connecting to them individually by being intimate – again touching on the use of emotion within adverts. By creating a story in the advertisement, it connects that image to reality and will immediately become more attractive to the consumer. Rather than just seeing ‘the objects in the shot’ the story will make it unique, making the advert and product within stand out from the rest. I think this is an interesting quote to potentially incorporate into my paper.

Ward, D. (1990). Photography for Advertising. 1st edn. London: Macdonald.


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