Individual Tutorial.

On the 20th January, I had an individual tutorial with Daniel Campbell-Blight where he was able to see where my work was up to and where to go from here. Obviously with my struggles and change of topic, I was quite behind the desired schedule. However with my better understanding of my topic and research progressing, I felt confident with where things were heading. Before the tutorial, Anthony requested we send a document containing the current state of where our paper was at. This is what mine included.

“Notions of Truth in Advertising”

  • How has the manipulation of images in advertisements taken away the desirability of a product?
  • How have the strategies that are used to make something desirable to us individually get contradicted by manipulation – making us want something that is untrue/unachievable?
  • Using case studies of advertisements that have been revealed as manipulated eg. L’Oreal advert banned after being overly airbrushed (Sweney, M. (2011). L’Oréal’s Julia Roberts and Christy Turlington ad campaigns banned. [online] the Guardian. Available at: [Accessed 14 Jan. 2015])
  • Framework explaining how we are being sold something and specifically targeted.
  • Used Decoding Advertisements by Judith Williamson as a starting point to help gain a better understanding of advertising.
  • Taken quite a few quotes that may come into my writing, including about the ‘Mirror-Phase’ and ‘The created self’ which my paper may be more based around.
  • “the advertisement must remind you that you are special, and above all, must speak to you and through you as a uniquely individual subject”.
  • Currently making my way through my reading list to pick out interesting points and quotes that I might include.

Online sites I may use to argue my paper including case studies:

Weissman, S. (2014). There’s a push to make photoshopped models in ads illegal – Digiday. [online] Digiday. Available at: [Accessed 14 Jan. 2015].

BBC News, (2011) Airbrushed Make-Up Adverts Banned [online] available from <; [14 January 2015]

Beauty Redefined, (2012) Photoshop Phoniness: Hall Of Shame [online] available from <; [14 January 2015]

Beauty Redefined, (2014) Photoshopping: Altering Images And Our Minds [online] available from <; [14 January 2015]

Beer, J. (2014) “This Is Who We Are Now:” Why Aerie Stopped Retouching The Models In Its Ads[online] available from <; [14 January 2015]

Cable, S. (2009) Has Keira Knightley Gone Under The Airbrush Again As The Face Of The Coco Chanel Campaign? [online] available from <; [14 January 2015]

Cohen, R. (2009) Should Photos Come With Warning Labels? [online] available from <; [14 January 2015]

Condliffe, J. (2012) The Photographic Tricks That Make Mcdonald’s Burgers Look Good [online] available from <; [14 January 2015]

Dayley, T. (2012) Victoria’s Secret Revealed – Unretouched Vs. Retouched Photos | Fstoppers [online] available from <; [14 January 2015]

Farber, J. and Miller, T. (2009) Ralph Lauren Goes After Web Site Boingboing.Net After It Mocks Heavily Photoshopped Ad [online] available from <; [14 January 2015]

Frost, C. (2013) Real Beauty Isn’t Retouched [online] available from <; [14 January 2015], (2013) Is Photo Retouching Ethical? | Harrington [online] available from <; [14 January 2015]

Iannone, J. (2013) 21 Ways Advertisers Are Manipulating You And You Don’t Even Know It [online] available from <; [14 January 2015]

Julious, B. (2015) Justin Bieber Has Legal Proof That Those Calvin Klein Ads Are Real [online] available from <; [14 January 2015]

Kelly, S. (2014) Modcloth Signs Pledge To Avoid Retouching Photos Of Its Models [online] available from <; [14 January 2015]

Marie Claire, (2008) Dove Beauty Ads Retouched? [online] available from <; [14 January 2015]

Mazumdar, T. (2013) What Does It Feel Like To Be Airbrushed? [online] available from <; [14 January 2015], (2015) PSD : Photoshop Disasters [online] available from <; [14 January 2015]

Rand, H. (2011) Covergirl Ad Banned By U.S. Watchdog In First Major Step To Restrict ‘Misleading’ Use Of Photoshop In Beauty Campaigns [online] available from <; [14 January 2015]

Reuters, (2011) L’oreal UK Ads Banned For Retouched Photos [online] available from <; [14 January 2015]

Rich, C. (2013) Story Behind the Image: Questioning The Ethics Of Photo Manipulation In Digital Photography Today – Corey Rich Productions [online] available from <; [14 January 2015]

Sweney, M. (2011) L’oréal’s Julia Roberts And Christy Turlington Ad Campaigns Banned [online] available from <; [14 January 2015]

Books I am intending to investigate further:

Barthes, R. (1997) Image Music Text. London: Fontana Press.

Fowles, J. (1996) Advertising and Popular Culture. California: Sage Publications, Inc.

Messaris, P. (1997). Visual Persuasion. 1st edn. London: Sage Publications.

Reedy, W. (1973). Impact – Photography for Advertising. 1st edn. Rochester, New York: Eastman Kodak Company.

Rowell, M. (1997) Objects of Desire The Modern Still Life. New York: The Museum of Modern Art.

Salomon, A. (1982) Advertising Photography. London: Thames and Hudson Ltd.

Saunders, D. (1988). Professional Advertising Photography. 1st edn. London: Merehurst Press.

Saunders, D. (1994) The World’s Best Advertising Photography. London: B.T. Batsford Ltd.

Sobieszek, R A. (1988) The Art of Persuasion. New York: Harry N. Abrams, Inc.

Ward, D. (1990). Photography for Advertising. 1st edn. London: Macdonald.

Williamson, J. (1978). Decoding Advertisements. 1st edn. London: Marion Boyars Publishers Ltd.

These are the notes from my tutorial with Daniel.

  • Find 2 or 3 advertising photographers.
  • Consider profit making, selling something, convincing, manipulating = core of argument.
  • David Bate – Photography (Key Concepts).
  • Engage politics of image making.
  • Critical writing of advertising.
  • Concepts/words/phrases/theories to unpick images.
  • Opening paragraph should cover what am I going to do, ‘the truth of advertising photography in the work of …… and …….’
  • Methods used to sell a product.
  • Priority of profit.
  • Politics to approach things critically.
  • Examples of practice.
  • Working theoretical concepts.
  • Get a quote in from Roland Barthes.
  • Definition of concepts.
  • Pick examples from Decoding Advertisements – Judith Williamson or buy contemporary glossy magazines.

I was struggling to see how I would be able to find the specific photographers of the photographs found in advertisements, hence why Daniel advised be to refer back to Decoding Advertisements or buy some contemporary glossy magazines which are full of images which have been manipulated. However I decided I wanted to form the main body of my paper, then find the case studies to support my arguments. Having this meeting also made me realise that my paper doesn’t need to be so specific about the manipulation and editing of advertisements as there are also other ways I can explore the notions of truth such as through the signifier and signified. The signifiers (things within the photograph of an advertisement) are constructed in various ways to portray a particular meaning (the signified) therefore they are also a form of manipulation. From this point, I intend to continue making my way through the books I have found and picking out key points which will help construct my argument.


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