Revised Proposal.

Notions of Truth in Advertising.

Mode of presentation selected.

For the topic of my research project, I will explore notions of truth in advertising. My project will be shown through a symposium presentation as I feel this is the most appropriate way to share my findings, as well as allowing me to develop my presenting skills further.

Description of subject to be investigated.

My idea for my research project has stemmed from a personal interest in commercial photography that I wish to pursue further in a potential career, therefore it is interesting for me to explore how images are being used commercially in order to sell a product. The purpose of an advertisement is to sell a product and it is important to consider the ways in which they are manipulated to make something more desirable. As technology continually advances, the amount of digital manipulation we see in photographs today are creating unrealistic images which we as consumers long for. By exploring the different techniques that are used along with various case studies to support these arguments, I can explore the extent to which the truth is being altered. I will use various advertising photographers and examples of advertisements so I can inform and discuss the changes with my audience in order for them to have a better understanding of the industry and form their own thoughts and ideas.

Sources to be utilised and what methods will be used to acquire them. 

There are a number of sources from which I shall retrieve my information. My starting point will begin with books and articles on photography within advertising from Coventry University’s Lancaster Library. By searching these topics and finding appropriate material, I can then read through these and pick out key extracts allowing me to begin forming my paper and the points I wish to discuss. It will also introduce me to various advertising examples that I can explore and see how it will support my arguments. There will also be a number of on-line web pages I will view particularly for advertisements which have been digitally manipulated, as with the current digital age this will be the preferred method of presenting and sharing work. All material used will be appropriately referenced throughout the research and writing of my paper.

Methods/Forms of interpretation/analysis to be used.

Once I have acquired the material needed to form my paper, I will analyse it thoroughly in order to form a well presented argument within my paper about the notions of truth in advertisements. It will also enable me to produce an answer to my proposed question.

Plan/schedule of work.

The schedule of work will be spread over 5 months. Acquiring my data, including viewing articles and web pages, analysing material from books and conducting interviews, will take place in the beginning months of the schedule. By November I will be writing and putting together my paper in preparation for group tutorial presentations and a full practice run at the beginning of December. Following feedback via tutorials, I will be able to make appropriate changes to continuously improve and shape my paper for the symposium date at the end of February and submission date on 4th March 2015.


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Williamson, J. (1978). Decoding Advertisements. 1st edn. London: Marion Boyars Publishers Ltd.


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