Final Topic Ideas & Confirmation.

After going through Decoding Advertisements and the examples from a couple of Source Magazines, I had developed a good understanding to the basis of advertisements. Now that I had this, I was able to begin forming ideas for what my paper could be about. One idea sparked was to consider how important is photography to advertising?

  • Photography as a tool of advertising.
  • Bringing reality to an advertising campaign.
  • Likely to pick something real/desirable over a computer generated image.
  • Compare campaigns which use photography and those which don’t. Creates an argument with case studies to back up.
  • Better or worse than computer imagery?
  • Opinions?

As well as this whilst thinking of a potential subject/title, the new Calvin Klein advertising campaign featuring Justin Bieber was released. (, 2015). Along with this came claims that the photographs had been manipulated to enhance Bieber’s body. (PetaPixel, 2015). Although this isn’t anything we haven’t seen before, there are numerous times where models have been digitally edited in order to improve their appearance, it made me consider how I could shed my own light on this through my paper. It made me connect back to some quotes from Judith Williamson in Decoding Advertisements and how adverts are specifically tailored to us and our needs, however how can something be tailored to us specifically if it is unachievable? As Beiber’s body was manipulated, it means consumer’s would strive towards an image that does not ‘exist’ essentially.

How has the manipulation of images in advertisements taken away the desirability of a product?

  • How have all the tools used to direct us to buy something been contradicted by manipulation to make something seem unachievable/no longer wanted?
  • Untrue representation?
  • Case studies of adverts revealed to be manipulated?

Following this ideas, I decided for my next step to find examples of advertisements which had been ‘found out’ of having been manipulated and how this could influence my paper.

After coming up with my 2 potential titles and finding examples of advertisements which had been obviously manipulated, I decided that I wanted to go along the lines of manipulation of advertisements taking away the desirability of a product. Before continuing further, I wanted Caroline’s opinion on the title and what I wanted to investigate. The meeting was brief but Caroline gave me a new title of ‘Notions of Truth in Advertising’ as I was struggling to construct a coherent sentence of the idea I was trying to investigate. Caroline also encouraged me to explore through my paper the framework explaining how we are being sold something and also how we are specifically targeted.

PetaPixel, (2015). Unretouched Photo from Justin Bieber’s Calvin Klein Shoot Reveals Photoshop Enhancements. [online] Available at: [Accessed 13 Jan. 2015]., (2015). JUSTIN BIEBER | Calvin Klein Official Site and Online Store. [online] Available at: [Accessed 13 Jan. 2015].


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