352MC Introduction.

  • Own independent practice.
  • Where do you see yourself working after the degree?
  • Multiple contexts your work can work in.
  • Identifying your chosen topic, research and develop, how do you resolve it as a body of work?
  • Self initiated.
  • Proposal marked at the end with portfolio.
  • Communicate to others what your work is about.
  • Evidence of experimentation.
  • Contact sheets.
  • 20th May 4pm – Assessment deadlines.
  • Reflective report 800 words.

Writing a project proposal hints & tips.

  • A document that sets out the overall plan of the project.
  • To clarify intentions of the project, define your aims and your anticipated outcomes.
  • What do you want to achieve? Where do you want to go?
  • Convince your project has value and can be completed on time.
  • A poorly planned project stands little chance of success
    • Things can go wrong!
    • Running out of time.
    • Poor choice of development methods/tools.
    • Mismatched expectations.
    • No budget to finish the project.
  • “Bad planning on your part does not constitute an emergency on my part.”
  • Content.
    • Title
    • Introduction and proposed area of study (context & relevant research).
    • Aims and objectives (aim = intention, objective/outcome = goal).
    • Methodology (how you are going to make the work).
    • Resources.
    • Timetable.
  • Introduction – context.
    • What is the background to your project?
    • Set the scene, lay the foundations.
    • What’s the problem?
    • Why is it interesting?
  • Introduction – related work/research.
    • This acknowledges and demonstrates you have an understanding of what had already been done in your area.
    • That you understand the background to the proposal and aren’t trying to reinvent the wheel.
    • It does not have to be completely specific but should be related to your area.
  • Aim.
    • What do you hope to achieve – how and why? A statement of intent.
  • Objective.
    • A way of meeting the aim. What steps you take to meet the aim.
    • Objectives should be SMART.
    • Specific – be precise about what you are going to do.
    • Measurable – you will know when you have reached your goal.
    • Achievable – don’t be over ambitious.
    • Realistic – time/money/skills.
    • Timetable.
  • Methods & resources.
    • Project description – give your project an identity. What are you doing and why?
    • Project timetable – research, development, production time, marketing/advertising, presentation/showcase, evaluation.
    • Project location – where are you undertaking the project Do you have an exhibition venue lined up?
    • Do you have agreed participation from collaborators/subjects/location?
    • Budget – be aware of what funding you have or don’t have.
  • Working methods.
  • What is your working progress?
  • How do you think through your ideas?
  • And allow them to develop/change?
  • Who is your critical friend?
  • Photographers Sketchbooks (2014)
  • Preparing a proposal task – identify one of the bodies or work below and complete project proposal as if you are about to embark on this particular body of work. Think about how you can formulate the proposal based on what you know about this project and what you need to know before you can start it: the aims and intentions of the project and how it may develop.
    • Philip Lorca Di Corcia – The Hustler Series.
    • Joan Foncuberta – Fauna.
    • Viviane Sassen – Flamboya.
    • Susan Meiselas – AKA Kurdistan.

Philip Lorca Di Corcia – The Hustler Series:

Proposed area of study: ‘response to bigotry targeting the first Amendment rights of homosexuals’ and ‘shot against a backdrop of devastation and despite during the AIDs pandemic in the late 1980s and early 90s.’

Government officially condemned homosexuality.


  • 5 trips to LA – budget.
  • Worked with an assistant to distinguish a potential set up of shots.
  • Proposed the idea to hustles/drug addicts/drifters – determine the best way to approach the subject.
  • Paid them the same amount they would receive for sex – budget.
  • Presentation – photographs titled with name. age, place of birth.
  • Similar to Nan Goldin – 90s.
  • Gregory Crewdson.
  • Aesthetically pleasing lighting, makes it unique.

My brother died last year from AIDS. Due to the AIDS epidemic I want to complete a piece of work

I am going to travel to LA with my assistant several times, set up a staged shot using a polaroid. I will approach male prostitutes along Santa Monica offering them their standard rate for me to take their photograph. Many of these participants will have travelled to Hollywood to follow their dreams and have ended up hustling for money. I plan to create very atmospheric images due to the use of staged and natural light, they could be compared to stills in a movie.

The money that I am hoping to receive as funding for this project will be partly used to pay the participants for their time with me and their willing to take their photograph.


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