#Phonar Marcus Bleasdale Task.

Take the favourite paragraph from a novel or one of your favourite paragraphs from a poem and try to take two pictures, or if you don’t want to take a picture then sketch, or if you don’t want to sketch then visualise that paragraph. Illustrate in your own mind through photography or through sketching or through just thought process of that one paragraph. How can you visually represent that one paragraph? If the passage is all about joy or love and engagement and celebration, how do you represent that? If it is about shadows and sorrow and thought, how do you represent that? Try to illustrate one paragraph from a poem or a book in whatever form of illustration you want.

I was quite excited to have a go at this task as I felt it was a bit different from what we have been looking at so far. I haven’t always been the type of person to immediately reach for a book at the beginning of a project, which I have learnt has put me at a disadvantage. Neither have I always been someone who spends a lot of time reading. However I do find if I come across something that interests me, I can really enjoy a book. When considering what book I could use, I have recently read the I Heart.. series by Lindsey Kelk which I really enjoyed – light hearted and girly! The first book in the collection is titled I Heart New York, telling the story of young adult fleeing from London to New York and how she falls in love with the city. I am always dreaming of the day I can finally go to New York and love anything to do with it – TV programmes, films, articles. I am a sucker for any cliche to do with the city that never sleeps! One day I even hope to live there but I have a while before I reach that dream. Therefore, this book was a good read for me, enjoying her story and learning more about the city. I decided to focus my visualisation on one of the paragraphs at the beginning of chapter 3, where the main character Angela has just arrived in New York and has jumped into a taxi, telling the driver to take her to any hotel.

‘Twenty minutes of talk radio later, I was hanging out of the window like a dog in a bandana, and I had just about stopped crying when I spotted it. 

The New York City skyline. Manhattan. The Empire State Building. The beautiful, beautiful Chrysler Building. The Woolworth Building with its big old churchy steeple. And I fell in love. It hit me so hard that I stopped crying, stopped thinking, stopped breathing. I felt as if I’d been winded. Winding the cab window all the way down, I breathed in the skyscrapers, the giant billboards, the industrial riverside stretches and the sweaty, steamy air. I was in New York.” 

Even though this is a very short extract, I feel it is enough for me to visualise her shock and excitement. The short sharp sentences explaining the things she sees reflects her thrill to be there and as she mentions each one, it allows you to picture the iconic buildings in your mind. By piecing them together, I felt this would be a good extract for me to be able to illustrate. However, this isn’t something I felt I could take a picture of specifically because a huge part of New York is the huge skyscrapers and memorable buildings which I wouldn’t be able to capture here. I also cannot sketch! Therefore I decided to use the tool we have been encouraged to use throughout phonar – Storify. By doing so, I can make a collection of people’s thoughts and feelings in the big apple, as well as find a number of images taken there to create a ‘feeling’ for the city.

I Heart New York Storify.

This didn’t turn out as simple as I first expected, especially when searching ‘Manhattan’ through Instagram and getting some really random results. I thought Instagram would be where I found my best material however I actually found Flickr really helpful offering me various images for all for my searches which I could include. In contrast to this, I found tweet’s were a lot better to use rather than Facebook because they were short and concise pieces of information (probably due to the character count!) but it allowed me to give the piece some emotion. I looked for images of each of the iconic features mentioned in the extract and added them to the Storify, but I also decided to add an image of a taxi in various spots throughout as I felt it acts as a reminder and keeps the narrative of Angela driving through the city in a taxi. I really enjoyed the task as it felt quite light hearted but I was still being able to visualise text. This is something that will be gratefully useful when turning pieces that I read into inspiration for my own images.



~ by victoriasimkissphotography on November 14, 2014.

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