Symposium Follow Up – APT.

After feeling a little lost following my pitch feedback and not knowing which direction to go in next, I booked an APT with Anthony to discuss ideas of how I could progress further.

  • Find 2 or 3 still life practitioners I am interested in.
  • Robyn Stacey stills.
  • Metaphor and meaning has a history.
  • Explore still life as a metaphor.
  • Memento mori – ‘remember you must die’, appreciate life.
  • Examples of visual analysis.
  • Stilled – contemporary still life photography by women.
  • Laura Letinksy.
  • Sian Bonell.
  • Photography: A Cultural History – Mary Warner Marien.
  • Contemporary photography and still life.
  • Still life in advertising – symbolism to buy a product.
  • Roland Barthes – rhetoric of the image.

Following the meeting, I headed to the library to search for some of these books and explore the work of these photographers.

Robyn Stacey references historical painting through his images which include different set ups, inviting colours and contrasting tones, textures and shapes. Have a ‘painting’ look about them which is interesting to consider along the lines of commercialised still life stemming from the beginning of still life paintings.

rs, (2015) Robyn Staceystills Gallery – [online] available from <; [6 November 2014]

Stilled includes the photographic work from various women which offer different techniques and approaches to still life, which may become useful as examples in my paper to talk about their different styles or create an argument through the differences.

Newton, K. and Rolph, C. (2006) Stilled. Cardiff: Ffotogallery

Laura Letinsky’s still life images from ‘Ill Form and Void Full’ compose soft lighting to give a delicate feel. Shot with white backgrounds to keep focus on the objects such as left over food, plates, cutlery ect. Leads you to question the set up and it’s ideas.


The Photographers’ Gallery, (2015) Laura Letinsky – The Photographers’ Gallery [online] available from <; [6 November 2014]

Sian Bonnell has capturing a series of photographs under ‘Everyday Dada’ where she has incorporated food items into her home creating unique and abstract images. I found this quite quirky and visually entertaining, a contemporary approach to the use of still life.

sb, (2015) Photographs – Category: Everyday Dada 2003-2005 [online] available from <; [6 November 2014]

Roland Barthes explores symbolism to buy a product through the signifier and signified. With the Panzani advert as an example, he explores the creation of ‘italiancity’ through the signified meanings of the products, colours and set up of the advert. May come in useful as an example in paper. Still life has become commercialised here for the purpose of an advertisement.


Barthes, R. (1997) Image Music Text. London: Fontana Press.

I also decided to take a look at a paper which considers ‘processing visual rhetoric in advertisements’ with reference to Barthes and the analysis of some visual examples to help aid my research and understanding.

Lagerwerf, L. van Hooijdonk, C M.J. Korenberg, A. (2012) “Processing visual rhetoric in advertisements: interpretations determined by verbal anchoring and visual structure.” Journal of pragmatics. 44 (2012), 1836 – 1852.

I also decided to take out the book ‘the art of persuasion’, exploring how techniques used in image making are persuading us as consumers.

Sobieszek, R A. (1988) The Art of Persuasion. New York: Harry N. Abrams, Inc.


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