#Phonar Prep-task.

“Tell the story of your journey to school..”

My initial thought that came to mind when introduced to this module prep task was the different ways this can be interpreted. Firstly, the ‘journey’ to school could explore the profession from a young age, from primary school to secondary, sixth form to university. Secondly, I could show the route on a map which I take to university simply by using google maps. Finally, I could show my journey through a series of photographs showing the routes and surroundings.

Taking the first thought, I came up with the idea of photographing shoes such as baby shoes representing nursery/primary school and showing how they change as I grew up and moved up through schools. However, I felt this idea lacked the exploration of a journey as although it had the story behind it of showing ageing up, it didn’t quite capture the movement of a journey. Therefore I came up with the idea from my third thought of showing my journey through a series of photographs showing routes and surroundings, however doing it a bit differently. I wanted to stick with the ‘feet’ theme because our feet allow us to walk, to get to places, to go on a journey. Also rather than just photographing outdoors, I decided I wanted to show the journey from the moment you wake up to reaching your destination of school – showing different footwear and surroundings which you base your morning around. For this I used quite close up shots with wide apertures to focus mainly on the feet and little surroundings, allowing the viewer to recognise and familiarise themselves with the morning routine. The repetitive pattern of the shoes in each photograph creates a sense of unity, making them compliment each other and create the journey.










Upon reflecting on this task, I decided the images did not come across in the way I wanted them to. They described exactly what I intended – pictures of my feet showing my journey through different routes and surroundings. By focusing on feet I based it upon the idea that our feet take us on a journey, without them we wouldn’t be able to work! However I don’t think the viewer would immediately make this connection. I decided to focus on this to make it a bit different as I only live down the road from my university building so I couldn’t envisage taking many interesting pictures. However rather than dismissing this idea immediately it may have been worth experimenting to see which turn out better. However, I normally find myself drawn to portraiture rather than landscape so I decided to go with this idea. I also considered whether these images would work better with supporting text or my thoughts through my journey. I do think the repetitive pattern of the feet in each picture worked well as they united together to create a story, however in terms of visual pleasure I do not feel these images are very good.


~ by victoriasimkissphotography on September 24, 2014.

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