Coventry City VS Swindon – 18th April Reflection.

On the 18th April, I photographed the game of Coventry City VS Swindon. Following a few changes, I went to this game feeling confident about what I could do. I once again used different equipment and this time, turned out for the better. Following the two previous games which hadn’t gone so well I was keen to go out and prove what I could do.

Firstly I booked out the Canon D700 and 100-400mm lens again from the media loan shop however when I went to collect them, another user hadn’t returned the D700 in time meaning there wasn’t one left for me to take out. Despite the initial panic, this actually turned out in my favour when it was suggested that I take out the Canon 5D Mark II as the D700 is quite a general camera. Although I had used the Canon 5D before I wasn’t the most confident with it, therefore it didn’t occur to me to take it out. Also as a Nikon user I didn’t have much knowledge about which Canon cameras were better than others. However the 5D is a brilliant camera which would result in better quality images for me. Therefore with this camera over my shoulder and the knowledge that the weather forecast wasn’t threatening rain I went to the game feeling confident and eager to shoot. Using the 5D also improved my versatility and knowledge of different equipment.

I thoroughly enjoyed this game as the readings for my shutter speed were coming out good meaning that the action in the shots was being captured perfectly and I was producing good images. I also got quite into the game discovering over time I have developed a bit of a soft spot for Coventry City when they painfully lost the 1-1 hold in extra time, finishing 2 -1 to Swindon. Following a successful day, I was eager to look through the photos. I took a total of 524 images and narrowed them down to a final 12. For the first time since my last painful 2 games, I really enjoyed the selection process and seeing the photographs I had produced – proving to myself that I could perform! However following the advice I had received last week I was very cautious as to which photos to choose, looking for the ones which contained more action and surprisingly cutting out quite a few which didn’t show the players faces. Whilst I also felt I may have been too critical, it was good for me to be more stern with my choices showing how my selection process has improved over this placement. These are the 12 images I passed onto the club.













Following this game, the shooting, selection process and editing I was feeling so much better about the placement. I knew I could do better than I had in the previous two games and produce a good standard of work. Despite the negatives of the last two games I learnt so much from them which brought me to this good place with good photographs.

Travel, photographing, selection process and editing = 2 days for 201MC Professional Experience.


~ by victoriasimkissphotography on April 25, 2014.

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