Coventry City VS Stevenage – 26th March Reflection.

On the 26th March, I was given the opportunity to photograph the evening match of Coventry City VS Stevenage. I had mixed feelings about this match as following the disappointment of the photographs from the Crawley game I was anxious that I may have found myself in a similar situation, particularly as it was a night time game therefore I was relying solely on the incandescent flood lights. However I had booked out some equipment from the media loan shop prior to the game which I was keen to use and see if this improved my images.

Following transport complications, this resulted in turning up to the game with barely 10 minutes before kick off therefore I didn’t feel particularly focused and took a while to settle into a rhythm of photographing the action, especially considering I was using camera equipment which I hadn’t used before. For this game, I booked out the Canon 700D and Canon 100-400mm lens. As all of my own equipment is Nikon and I have only used Canon before briefly in class, I made sure to familiarise myself with the different layout of the camera, the menus and how to change particular settings quickly prior to the game. As well as this, I was using the 100-400mm which was bigger than anything I’ve used before in both size and weight! I was particularly nervous about damage to my equipment however I made sure I knew how to set up/attach the lens appropriately and safely. Despite being nervous about using something new, once I got my head around the basics I felt comfortable with it and this will benefit me greatly in the future as I have a wider knowledge of equipment which improves my versatility and adapting to different situations.

Unfortunately, despite using the Canon 700D I still struggled with such low light situations which meant that the selection process was once again quite painful. Although with the more games I do, I am forever gaining a better understanding of what images work and which do not, it was still hard in terms of quality to deem what was acceptable. With a slow shutter speed resulting in quite a few blurry images, it meant I could not select quite fast paced photographs with a lot of action. I was once again pretty disappointed with the outcome however I edited down 467 photos to 20 and used my Photoshop skills to improve them best I could. These were the 20 which I passed on to the club.





















Only 4 of these images were used and added to the gallery of images along of those from the Press Association which left me feeling pretty deflated however I did receive some useful feedback. I was advised to leave out photographs which did not show the faces of the players as well as trying to fit in more subjects into the frame to give more of a suggestion of match action and that generic shots of players in comfortable positions were less likely to be used. This was really helpful and made complete sense to me as I was able to make the connections between the disappointment of my images and the feedback. I did not include more ‘match action’ pictures as they hadn’t turned out good enough due to the lighting situation and favourited the ‘comfortable position’ shots as they had turned out better in terms of quality. Again, the overall experience photographing the team was incredible however I also learnt a number of lessons from it to take with me and improve upon in my next game. It was also a joy to see Coventry get the win for the first time while I had been there!

My images can be seen on the Coventry City website here:


Travel, photographing, selection process and editing = 2 days for 201MC Professional Experience.


~ by victoriasimkissphotography on April 2, 2014.

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