Creative Piece – Work.



  • an activity, such as a job, that a person uses physical or mental effort to do, usually for money.
  • the material used by someone at work, or what they produce:

To get a better understanding of different types of work and how I could explore these, I asked a number of people what work meant to them.

“uni, jobs”

“concentration; anything I concentrate at whether it be uni work, working at the riding school, as a student ambassador”


“my projects for uni and getting myself photography jobs outside of uni”

“uni work – writing up lectures, reading, assignments but also working at New Look”

“laptops, uni work, writing, or actual work like jobs”

“working in an office”

“photography, editing, my actual part job which is not always enjoyable”

I then asked myself what work means to me.

  • Photographing.
  • Editing.
  • Researching.
  • Assignments.
  • Past job in waitressing.

Following my responses, it is clear that a general conscious is that from the people I asked, work either represents a form of education or a job/career, therefore I want to focus my response around this. From this, I could begin thinking of ideas as to how I can represent work through 10 photographs or more.

Ideas & artist research.

  • Idea 1: Photographing at a busy train station such as Birmingham New Street or Coventry (easily accessible) during rush hour and capturing people to/from their way to work. I have often noticed when I have been travelling at these times the fast paced movement of everyone, whilst almost zombie like. I considered potentially taking a train journey and photographing people on the train because I have often found myself looking at people and wondering what they are thinking, who they are, what is their profession however this would require their permission to photograph and could detract away from the ‘natural’ moment. Could use slow shutter speeds to blur the movement of all the commuters creating a soft effect in a busy environment, people getting lost in the moment.

This idea made me think of the work by Alexy Titarenko – “City of Shadows”.




I love these images particularly the ones where he uses slow shutter speeds as you feel immersed in the environment and how busy the situation is. The environment has become so ‘full’ that it merges together and the movement which may have initially been rushed becomes calm. He has even photographed a train station in the first image, similar of how I wanted to create my images. Something I really like in these is the great range of tones and strong contrasts of light and dark. The textures are also really interesting because the blurring of people in the images creates a soft texture in contrast to the hardness of the environments with geometric shapes.

  • Idea 2: Create a video of myself doing work such as photographing, editing, blogging but capturing the digital media devices which distract me such as my phone and social networking sites like Facebook and Twitter. I also had the idea of turning this into a rotoscope animation so it becomes a digital mash up.

When I considered rotoscoping, a music video which came to mind was ‘Take On Me’ by A-Ha. Following this, the spin off that was made with Harry Hill for BBC Children in Need 2013.

I absolutely love this effect particularly the combination of the real world being introduced to an immersive one which is made up of all the drawings. It adds the element of imagination and fantasy, and think it could make my video more interesting.

  • Idea 3: Photographing my ‘working environment’. Whilst finding myself surrounded by camera equipment, notes and my macbook I decided I could photograph this to show my own response to work which is currently situated around university work and photography.

For a way to approach this idea, I thought of the work by Kevin Russ.




Kevin travels around the world and takes photographs with his iPhone 5 and sells them as Instagram prints. It’s almost unbelievable to think he can capture such stunning photos with just a camera phone. “He says he picks is favourite Afterglow filter to frame his pictures, and then uploads them to Instagram”. Kevin captures some beautiful landscapes, some including wildlife with such a simple technique. The images always look peaceful and ‘no fuss’ which reflects the simplicity of creating something so interesting. (

I considered these ideas and weighed up the positives and negatives of each. I was particularly keen on my first idea of photographing people commuting to and from work, capturing the zombie like environment – everyone with one focus of getting where they need to be. I also felt, especially after looking at Alexey’s work, you can feel immersed in a photograph which features a blurred crowd. However I did not feel this fitted the digital media brief very well. I was also informed of problems which arise photographing at Coventry train station due to particular rules and regulations. For my second idea, the technique of rotoscoping really appealed to me as I love it’s appearance and creativity. However after researching how to do this I realised it would be very time consuming editing each frame particularly for a video which is 2 minutes long and in the end may not turn out brilliantly as it would be my first time trying rotoscoping. This left me with my final idea of capturing my working environment in the style of Kevin Russ. By uploading photos to Instagram, this allowed me basic editing needs of cropping and highlighting shadows whilst also the range of filters I could add to enhance the appearance of my photographs therefore I decided to go with this idea.

What equipment do I need?

  • Phone
  • Instagram
  • Collage making app.
  • Elements of my working environment to photograph.

Final images.


#work #blogging #cudigme #macbook #wordpress #plugins


#work #photography #camera #nikon #cudigme


#work #setup #camera #tripod #cudigme


#work #notes #scribble #information #reference #cudigme


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#work #procrastination #socialnetwork #facebook #distraction #communication #digitalmedia #cudigme


#work #assignments #workbook #photography #education #artistresearch #cudigme


#work #worksnap #selfie #camera #tired #cudigme

Collage 2014-03-01 14_58_02

For my 10th image, I created a collage to collectively show my working environment. To do this, I simply downloaded the free app ‘PicCollage’ from the Play Store which gives you a variety of options of how you want your collage to look/how many photos will be included. Whilst you can use your own photos from your phone gallery, you can also import photos from Facebook and the web (showing the power of the network!) and it allows you to arrange how you want your images laid out, as well as the option to add text and stickers.



Although the concept of this response is quite simple, I think it fits the brief well and has more to it than sees the eye. Firstly, Instagram is a great basis for sharing pictures with others. It’s becoming increasingly popular with smart phone users so many people can share photos of their interests, hobbies, what they are up to, what they are eating! The famous hashtag also plays an important part here as when a user uploads a photo, they can hashtag a variety of subjects which relate to that image. This enters a large database (forever feeding information) where people can search for that particular subject and can potentially see your image. I have used this concept when creating my final photographs with the appropriate hashtags, essentially #work and #cudigme. However an important thing to consider here is whilst Instagram is a great way for everyone to share photographs of their daily lives, it  allows everyone and anyone to become a ‘photographer’. Kevin Russ was encouraged to take photographs by a friend studying photography – now he is using it to his advantage and making money from his shots. Futhermore, this links to the article The Shock of Inclusion – Clay Shirky where he comments on the development of the internet and effect on the value of publishing work. Instagram does exactly that and this can affect us in the photographic career field. Overall, I like the way my shots photographs different elements of work in my eyes. All these different elements of work add up to create an environment in which we produce which is reflected in the ending collage.


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