The Shock of Inclusion – Clay Shirky: Reponse to key reading.

There is no questioning as to how brilliant the Internet is, but each day that passes it becomes bigger, full of more information, more users and more rubbish. Shirky initially comments “it’s tempted to try and adjudicate the relative value of the network on the way we think by deciding whether access to Wikipedia outweighs access to tentacle porn or the other way round”. This immediately defines two completely different uses of the internet, whilst Shirky also points out that the internet has both it’s advantages and disadvantages.

Shirky explores how the growing of abilities in the past is now being reflected in our time. “You could earn a living in 1500 simply by knowing how to read and write” shows the limited number of people with these skills proved an advantage over others, just like how in the beginning of websites, creators could charge great amounts of money to produce a website for a company, yet now we can all do it. He comments on how development was also reflected in publishing. Whilst it seems almost humorous how “Youtube is now in the position of having to stop 8 year olds from becoming global publishers of video”, it shows how the growing usage of the internet is distracting away from the unique ability to publish work which for myself as a photographer is key to a successful career.

The ‘shock’ of this article which stands out to me is “to the question how is Internet changing the way we think?, the right answer is too soon to tell. We may think we know how much the Internet has affected our lives such as making things easier whilst also distracting us from the ‘real world’ but we can also be ignorant as to how it’s losing its value. Whilst many appreciate how outstanding the Internet is, many use it every day without giving it a second thought. This reading targets this exactly and just how worrying ‘the shock of inclusion’ really is. It also inspired you to consider whilst we see the digital world advancing more and more, we will never see how the Internet ends up or how it will affect the lives of those in the future. With what the Internet can do now, what will it be able to do then?


~ by victoriasimkissphotography on March 1, 2014.

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