Digital future – future semantic.

  • Retail are beginning to use immersive technology.
  • Sense and respond environments that morph themselves to meet the temporal demands of customers’ immediate shopping objectives.
  • Retailers already using integrated digital media technologies.
  • Soon we will be embraced by holograms greeting us.
  • Programmed to recognize our speech.
  • Minority Report.
  • Ubiquitous computing.
  • Already a few buildings we cannot get into without iris scanning.
  • Don’t like the idea of this in real life, but this is constantly happening to us online.
  • No longer science fiction.
  • 2014 is the year that Minority Report style ads will hit.

  • Advertisers don’t want anonymous shoppers.
  • Want a target.
  • We need to be able to target our skills and services.
  • Take advantage rather than being a victim.
  • Google glass.
  • What is our role as a photographer/videographer with things like this?
  • Can see the world from our point of view.
  • How do we compete with that?
  • Will always be a place for talented, aesthetic people.
  • Almost every technology you can imagine has been created.
  • Mark Weiser believed technology would have a calming influence on our lives.
  • The semantic web.
  • It understands us and what we want – delivers these things to us.
  • We take free access for granted.
  • One machine that we’re making accessed by linked myriad devices is the most reliable machine human beings have ever made.
  • THE WEB.
  • Run uninterrupted since it began.
  • The size and complexibility of the machine is the same as your brain.
  • By 2040, the total processing power of this machine will exceed the total processing power of humanity.
  • Filter Bubble.
  • Fed the information we are searching for.
  • Sight – Augmented Reality Short Film.

My Response…

This has definitely been one of my favourite lectures so far. The way technology is becoming so advanced absolutely amazes me and whilst it seems so frightening, it is simply outstanding. Whilst others extremely dislike the idea of holograms, just the appearance of them and the interaction they create between human and technology is so interesting. Second to this, Google Glass looks incredible. Although it could be quite annoying having the small screen in your eye line, this can soon be overlooked by the great things the glasses can do. What I find interesting to question is how this could develop to take over the work of photographers and videographers and where do our careers lie in terms of this? With technology forever advancing, no longer being just science fiction, it’s limits our endless and are taking over our lives more and more. Will this affect us and our career? It is also interesting to consider how Mark Weiser believed technology would have a calming influence on our lives. Technology is extremely useful and has made a lot of things easier within our lives, such as fast communication. So whilst this can be seen as a calming influence, we are now all so heavily affected by technology that there are now so many things we feel we have to do. We stress ourselves over emails, forever checking things, constantly being able to be contacted. Personally I know if I was cut off from technology and the digital world I would not be comfortable however it is unnerving to think how hard it is to escape it. Finally, I absolutely love ‘Sight’, a student based short film defining how our future may be – outstanding but so scary.


~ by victoriasimkissphotography on February 24, 2014.

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