The Artisan & Artifact.

  • Related to the digital exhibition.
  • “…But remember that the intuition of a good artist is a most powerful,  amost intelligent and a frequently underrated tool” – Gerry Badger.
  • Hans-Georg Gadamer, Horizons.
  • In relation to academic texts.
  • Many have applied this idea to film, art ect.
  • Every artist has a horizon. A vision, an idea, an agenda, a question.
  • We want to be artists/photographers because we have something to say.
  • Also have the viewer’s horizon.
  • Viewer’s horizon is shaped by opinions, past experiences, politic stance, society.
  • For good art or academic text, these horizons should fuse together in the reading/viewing of work.
  • We see the world through the artist’s eyes and understand what they are trying to communicate to us.
  • ‘Our presentation choices must reinforce the communication of our message or theme’.
  • Ensure our artifacts reflect and utilize the world they occupy.
  • The weight of objects.
  • Kevin Kelly – Better Than Free.
  • Embodiment.
  • Says a digital copy does not have a body.
  • “The printed page, the bound (codex) book with its title and author page, looks authoritative; it can be described as embodying or containing wisdom in a way that the unstable electronic text does not” – Brigitte Frase.
  • The IRL Fetish.
  • Space: to think, to pause, to break the flow of images.
  • The Craftsman – photographer as alchemist.
  • Experience and process.
  • Understanding value.
  • 1 of ?
  • What are my desired outcomes?
  • What am I looking to achieve by the production of this artifact?
  • How can my method of presentation help me to accomplish this?
  • Who do I want to experience the artifact?
  • How can I best reach these people?
  • Where do I want them to experience it?
  • What are my resources?
  • How can I most effectively use them?
  • What could I do?
  • Prints mouted, box of prints, photobook, installation, performance, lightbox, liquid light.
  • The digital repli(can’t).
  • Skeuomorphism.
  • What does digital do well?
  • Accessibility, cost, distribution, information, layers, networks.
  • What is the follow up strategy to the delivery of the artifact?
  • How will I maintain momentum?
  • What could I do?
  • Documentary, interactive website, extended scenes/bonus material, extended book or selection, layered work/participation, networks based on concept.

~ by victoriasimkissphotography on February 13, 2014.

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