Nude & Naked.

  • Distinguishing the difference between nude and naked.
  • What is the difference?
  • How do we think of them?
  • Can nude be classed as art?
  • Is it linked to the artist or the subject?
  • Does the viewer decide?
  • Can a nude be a nude without a naked subject?
  • “In the language of art, ‘good naked’ is conveyed but he word ‘nude’, while if you say ‘naked’, you mean ‘bad naked’. The nude is posed, perfect, idealised; the naked is just someone with no clothes on.” – Jonathon Jones.
  • We associate naked with negative connotations.
  • Weak, vulnerable.
  • Nude sounds sensual and delicate.
  • Thomas Ruff
  • Porn stills.

Screen Shot 2014-01-23 at 21.32.32

  • Blurred/loss of quality so you cannot properly see the image.
  • Does this make them become art?
  • Venus of Willendorf
  • An early fertility statue.
  • This is ‘nude’ in the 14th-16th century.
  • Bill Brandt



  • Brassai


Brassai Nude, 1932 [NY-B-761]

  • Man Ray




  • Anatomy photography allowed great accuracy for scientists.
  • Ability to slice time.
  • Edward Muybridge.
  • Nadar.
  • Issue of exploitation with the body.
  • Sally Mann – “Proud Flesh”.
  • Husband suffering of late-onset muscular dystrophy.
  • “But that long history of picture-taking didn’t make it any easier to make the Proud Flesh photographs. Rhetorically circumnavigate it any way you will, but exploitation lies at the roof of every interaction between photographer and subject, even forty years into it. Larry and I both understand how ethically complex and potent the  act of making photographs is, how freighted with issues of honesty, responsibility, power and complicity, and how so many good images come at the expense of the sitter, in one way or another”.
  • Hannah Wilke
  • A ‘narcissistic feminist’.
  • Beauty and mortality.
  • Worked with her mother as her health deteriorated.
  • Documentation of her own diagnosis and treatment until death in 1993.




  • Bertil Nilsson



  • Pierre and Giles – ‘Vive La France’.
  • Drew significant complaints.
  • Publicity stunt?



  • John Conplans
  • Ageing body.
  • Mentions men do not like it, they are uncomfortable, women commented it is about time roles reversed.

Self-Portrait (Hands Spread on Knees) 1985 by John Coplans 1920-2003


  • Joel-Peter Witkin

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