Jennifer Pattison.

  • Final degree project, first starting point of a naked series.


  • Only with men.
  • Shooting on a 6 x 7.
  • Daylight, working with film.
  • No direct eye contact.
  • LCC studied photography.
  • Didn’t feel like pursuing a future in photography.
  • Brief period of assisting.
  • Job at a photographer’s agency.
  • Grounding to the world of commercial photography.
  • Artistic/creative background.
  • Applied for an internship at the V&A – 9 months.
  • Heavily influenced by the work saw whilst working there.
  • Work for fashion photographer David Sims.
  • 2012, enough work to put a portfolio and website together.
  • Focus on own photography.
  • Not taking on any more production work.
  • Series of female naked portraits.


  • Felt a bit uncomfortable and self-conscious.
  • Photographed those who were confident.
  • Drawn to their qualities.
  • Exotic as Jennifer didn’t feel these feelings herself.
  • “Insight of my skin”
  • Wanted to explore women’s feelings through photographing people naked.
  • Reflection.
  • All women photographed in their own homes.
  • Important to be in own environment for subject to be as comfortable as possibly can.
  • Long exposure time.
  • Allows the subject to ‘just be’.
  • Quite embarrassed shooting first image of the series.
  • Visited Barcelona photographing 3 women, November 2012.


  • Don’t get the models to pose, not how Jennifer sees them – want the model to feel comfortable.
  • Gradually got more comfortable taking photos, wanting to have a connection with subjects, started to get closer.
  • 10 years out of the world of photographing allowed Jennifer to grow up and be at the right stage in her life to think about herself in these pictures.
  • The more relaxed Jennifer was, the more relaxed the model became. Vice versa if she was nervous.
  • Whatever you bring to the shoot, you give to the sitter.
  • Also had someone to take her own naked portrait.
  • Cathartic.
  • Meant a lot to Jennifer and the urgency to continue the project slowed.
  • Secondary narrative.
  • Photographing landscapes, completely in comfort zone.
  • Tried to document what was going on for herself at the same time.
  • Putting an image of a landscape with the model to create a breath to take a moment and look at the women, think about what might be going on.
  • Reflective moment for viewer to ponder and question.
  • Very personal to Jennifer.
  • Landscapes are inward representation of what is going on for Jennifer and the model.
  • Received criticism of work.
  • Tempted to turn the camera on self – parts of her body that she does not like.
  • May not be communicating what Jennifer set out to do with the landscape/portrait.
  • Still far away from finishing the body of work – want it to be published in a book/exhibited.
  • Gone off and started other things.
  • No terms of right or wrong of how many pictures you need, but Jennifer feels that she needs more.
  • Unresolved.
  • Likes to show the photograph to the model soon after it has been taken following post-production.
  • Only one person has come to pick up their print.
  • See’s something in the models that she wishes she has in herself.
  • Usually spend a few hours talking, honest, in-depth conversation before shooting to try and make the model more comfortable.
  • Explained how she was interested in a process.
  • Everything shot with daylight and use of reflectors.

~ by victoriasimkissphotography on January 23, 2014.

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