Digital mashups.

  • Static things are unchanging.
  • Dynamic things bring lots of changing things together.
  • Throughout history we have been mashing things up.
  • Create new things out of two separate ideas.
  • Exciting.
  • Hybrid forms.
  • A lot of photographers are beginning to mash things up in interesting ways.
  • Shawn Clover brought the past and present together.
  • Shot exactly the same place and angle, then photoshopped them together.
  • Rotoscoping.
  • The Internet uses a particular way to mash things together in an exciting way.
  • An API – application programming interface.
  • We all use API all the time without realizing.
  • Internet mashups use the API of two or more programmes to create a new interface.
  • You can now access all the API’s for big companies – they have given these away.
  • Gives them more Internet traffic.
  • Increases their online profile.
  • They get more sales eg. Amazon.
  • The web used to be very static.
  • Didn’t have the ability to pull in all this information.
  • Gradually, the way that the traffic is pushed around the server/client infrastructure changed.
  • Type and amount of traffic.
  • Size of the pipes.
  • Speed of connectivity.
  • Content and presentation stripped apart.
  • LAMP – a bundle of applications allowed the separation to begin.
  • Linux, Apache, MySQL and PhP.
  • CMS systems made up of open source templates drawing content from a database.
  • Make up most websites today.
  • Content and presentation separated.
  • Choose the way you want to present it depending on the device you want to display on.
  • Revolution on the Internet.
  • HTML vs XML.

In our following seminar, we shared photographers who work with digital technology in their images.

  • Chris Jordan
  • Brings together data and statistics. Narrative and technically elegant representation.
  • Iconic starter images which you drill down to find new images.
  • Robbie Cooper
  • Kevin Russ, uses iphone 5 to take photos across America and sells prints via Instagram.
  • 9-eyes.
  • David Hockney, iphone drawing
  • Arvida bystron, works with GIFs exploring the ideas of self identity and sexuality.
  • Gabriela Herman, showing interaction with technology and how we absorb ourselves in it.

My response…

This lecture opened my eyes to how many things are actually made by mashing things up, even things in our everyday lives. However, this lecture explored how things have been digitally brought together – hybrid forms. It is interesting to see how photography is developing in this way also, with a number of photographers using hybrid forms in their work. It was interesting and insightful in our following seminar to share the various people who have used this technique such as Chris Jordan, Robbie Cooper and Kevin Russ. By being able to produce hybrid forms, this means that photography can take off in another direction and develop a new style. We are able to use this in our own work to demonstrate digital media and will help us as photographers to be more unique and individual in such a competitive market. It was interesting to learn how we can now access API’s (application programming interface) which relates to ‘here comes everybody’ and how everyone can access things online. It also demonstrates how digital mashups (the mashing up of two or more API’s) benefits the companies overall showing how in a way it can help us all, including how it has helped the Internet develop in terms of traffic, size and connectivity.


~ by victoriasimkissphotography on January 20, 2014.

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