Coventry City VS Crawley Town – 12th January Reflection.

On the 12th January, I was given the opportunity to photograph Coventry City VS Crawley Town. This was to be my first experience at photographing the first team and although I had already shot an under 18’s game, I found this a very nerve wracking prospect. However with a few other students that had a placement with the club also attending, I felt slightly more at comfort including another photographer however following up from this event, I realise this may not have been so beneficial.

For this game, I again used my own equipment of my Nikon D80, 18-200mm lens, monopod and stool however in these circumstances, neither the camera or lens were particularly suitable. Firstly the weather was quite poor resulting in low light situations therefore my shutter speed was not fast enough in order to freeze the action. With my camera knowledge I have and previous experiences in these kind of situations, I tried to find a suitable way around the problem such as using the widest possible aperture and increasing the ISO however this still resulted in an unsuitable shutter speed. Although my lens is very good the zoom wasn’t quite enough for some close up shots which I wanted. With this struggles in mind, I feel this put me off a bit and knocked my confidence a considerable amount particularly when it came to the editing process.

Whilst editing my images down from the under 18’s game was quite successful with a lot to choose from, this was the complete opposite as I instantly removed a number of images due to the poor quality. For this game I was asked to send over 6 images out of the 610 I took and selecting these proved quite difficult. On the other hand, following my improved selection of important photos from the previous match I was able to distinguish better shots quicker. With such a restriction of the images I could pass on, it turned out that the photographs I did send were quite similar to those of the other photographer as we sat quite close together. Whilst it felt as a comfort, it also became a disadvantage – targeting one of my threats in my SWOT analysis of standing out from others. I did spend longer using Photoshop to try and improve the appearance of the images such as making them brighter and adjusting the sharpness, all improving my editing skills. These are the 6 images which I passed on to the club.







Not only did this offer the opportunity of photographing Coventry City, but myself and my fellow photographer were approached by a writer from Crawley Observer and asked if we could send over a few images to be added to the newspaper. This reflects 2 of the opportunities I distinguished through my SWOT analysis of meeting new people and building contacts. Whilst this was another exciting opportunity, following the lack of good images I struggled to find ones which I wanted to pass on however I selected 6. One was used for an article online ( whilst another in the Crawley Observer. Exchanging details with a wider circle and spreading the visibility of my work was brilliant however sadly, my photographs which did get used were not credited.







I took both positives and negatives from photographing this game. Firstly I appreciated that whilst I felt more in my comfort zone having another photographer nearby, reflecting one of my weaknesses of a lack of confidence, this also affected the end presentation of both our work by having quite similar photos. Secondly I learnt that although my camera kit is brilliant, it just wasn’t enough to be able to shoot in these low light conditions. Increasing the ISO to help increase the shutter speed was resulting in the quality of the images decreasing and still having blurred images because the shutter speed just wasn’t fast enough. Therefore in the future I will take a camera and larger zoom lens out from the university’s media loan shop subject to availability – another threat I distinguished in my SWOT analysis of not being able to access certain equipment when required as I know the large zoom lens is particularly popular. I felt my confidence was really knocked by the images I ended up with as I was particularly disappointed with them and really struggled to find ones that I felt were good enough to be passed on however it was all a learning curve and I am prepared for next time. Despite the negatives from this match, it was also an incredible experience to be able to photograph Coventry City and also have work featured with the Crawley Observer.

My images can be seen on the Coventry City website here:

Travel, photographing, selection process and editing = 2 days for 201MC Professional Experience.



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