#Picbod 2014 & The Self Portrait.

  • Address complex aesthetic, creative and technical issues along with the visual messages, associated with the photographic encounter with the body.
  • Nude VS Naked
  • Empowering your subjects
  • Negotiation
  • The tribe, communities
  • The artifact and the artisan
  • The digital repli(cant)
  • Exploration of bodies and identities by ourselves and others.
  • Want to get the best image of a person, making images with them.
  • Open class
  • Picbod.org
  • Requires active engagement
  • Tweet throughout class sessions and the week
  • Guest speakers
  • One main assignment, but weekly tasks for the first 5 weeks of Picbod.
  • Feedback sessions – print what we are going to look at.
  • Technical workshops
  • Final assignment

The Self Portrait

  • Recognise the codes and conventions of images from Instagram, Myspace ect.
  • Choice and representation.
  • Are we consciously or unconsciously representing our selves in a way that we think is palatable or provoking?
  • All portraits are considered.
  • Images of objects/things people like can be self-portraits.
  • Michael Spijkers – Nothing of me is original. I’m the combined effort of everything I’ve known.


  • Jem Southam – Painters Pool.


  • “All art is autobiographical. The pearl is the oyster’s autobiography” Fredericko Fellini.
  • “Every portrait that is painted with feeling is a portrait of the artist not of the sitter” – Oscar Wilde.
  • The self-portrait as a message, document and relationship.
  • Nikki S. Lee – infiltrates different groups.
  • Trish Morrisey – puts herself into different groups of people on the picture.
  • Noah Halina
  • Ahree Lee
  • Noah photographs with different surroundings so we gain more context about who is, what he likes, where he lives. Becomes more relatable. A flow of life. Ahree has a blank background so it focuses more on how her appearance and how her face, skin and eyes change.
  • Can be a document of something more abstract.
  • The subject and the photographer merge when making a self-portrait.
  • However may be a need to separate these two, power as the subject and the photographer but to get something out of it you have to both give and take.
  • “The difficulties of painting yourself are psychological, you have got to try and paint yourself as another person” Lucien Freud.
  • Task for this week: pre visualize and produce a self portrait (using only available night) unrestricted in theme and technique yet still supplying a message to the viewer. You should spend time first understanding what it is you wish to convey before then looking at the composition and mechanics of the image and finally production.
  • Pre visualize, what are you trying to say.
  • Do not use text to aid the image.

~ by victoriasimkissphotography on January 9, 2014.

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