Coventry City VS Birmingham City Under 18s – 14th December Reflection.

Following gaining my work placement with Coventry City football club, on the 14th December I was given the opportunity to photograph the under 18’s match against Birmingham City.

As this was my first time photographing for the club, I was rather nervous as well as it being the first time that the under 18’s team had a photographer at one of their games which added to the pressure to perform. However, with my previous experience in event photography I already had a good understanding of how to prepare for the game before hand, what sort of camera settings would be appropriate and key moments of the game I would like to capture.

For this game I used my own kit of a Nikon D80 and 18-200mm lens along with my monopod and stool. As I am familiar with using my own camera and lens, I felt pretty confident going into the game with a good zoom range and being able to change the settings quickly if needed. As I knew the game would be fairly fast paced, I set the camera to aperture priority therefore allowing the camera to distinguish the best possible shutter speed as well as the continuos servo focus to ensure the picture stayed in focus whilst the subject moved. Before hand, I also read up a few tips for football photography such as making sure the ball is always in the frame. As the game was held at the Alan Higgs Centre in Coventry, this meant it was easily accessible although it did mean paying for a taxi there and back.

Although I was very apprehensive upon arrival, I straight away felt more at home once I had introduced myself and were given one of the club jackets to keep warm which seemed surreal to feel part of the club. It took me a while to get settled into the actual photographing however once I got into the flow of things I became more comfortable. Although at times it was hard to keep up and I was often worried I would miss crucial moments I did manage to get a photograph of the goal and celebrations despite the game finishing 3 – 1 to Birmingham City.

The following day, I was eager to see the results of my first game and see how the photographs had turned out. With my previous experience in processing photographs for the web I am already aware of the importance of the quality of an image and recognising good/bad focus. As well as this, I knew I was looking for good/exciting action shots in order for them to be engaging to the viewing audience. In total, I took 594 photos and had to narrow this down to 20 images. As it was my first attempt at doing so, this was a very lengthy process as there were many which I considered as potential ones to use but obviously I could not include them all. These were the final 20 images which I passed on to the club.





















Overall, I was really pleased with the outcome of these images and felt the selection of 20 told the story of the game well. Seeing a whole gallery full of my images on the CCFC website was an incredible confidence booster. The experience taught me the importance of keeping up with the game and a clearer mind of what made a good photograph. It also improved my understanding of selecting important photos from the large selection I had taken and enhanced my Photoshop skills further by touching up the images slightly and adding my own copyright signature. This first game meant a lot to me especially being the first thing I had ever approached alone as often I would have someone accompanying me however I felt it went well and following this successful experience, I am particularly excited to go on and photograph more games with the club.

My images can be seen on the Coventry City website here:

Travel, photographing, selection process and editing = 2 days for 201MC Professional Experience.


~ by victoriasimkissphotography on December 16, 2013.

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