Presenting your work.

Today we had a lecture and workshop on presenting work.

  • Finding the right format.
  • Choosing the presentation appropriate to your idea.
  • Will help to engage the viewer.
  • Communicating feelings.
  • Process goes in pair with editing?
  • Prints – mounted/framed?
  • How does your work connect to the space it is in?
  • How much/how little text and where.
  • Considerations:
    • Not to be rushed because of cost.
    • Adapting the work to the space and context.
  • Examples of formats: prints on a wall, installation, projection, book, magazine, website/blog.
  • Several outputs can be combined.
  • Ewa Axelrad – ‘Play dead’ 2008.
  • Annette Messager – ‘My Vows’ 1988-91.
  • Robert Wilkinson
  • Wolfgan Tilmanns

Following this, in our research groups, we were given a selection of photographs to arrange and display how we wished. We stuck them up on the wall how we would want them to appear, as well as commenting on size, the idea behind it and it’s potential title.



  • Given the title ‘Life’.
  • Text should be displayed at the side, so it doesn’t detract away from the main photographs.
  • Put the photographs into pairs, should be framed this way.
  • Would have all photos the same size, A3.
  • Each person linked with an environment.
  • Each pair tells a story.
  • Shows progression.

~ by victoriasimkissphotography on November 21, 2013.

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