Creative Writing Workshop – Mez Packer.

Today we had a creative writing workshop to help us broaden our idea development. During the workshop, we completed a number of tasks.

A picture shows me at a glance what it takes dozens of pages of a book to expound.” – Ivan Turdenev.

Is a picture worth a thousand words?

Task 1

Free writing for 4 minutes. We were shown an image (Morning Sun – Edward Hopper) and for 4 minutes had to write down what came into our heads, without taking our pen off the paper.


I have seen this image before as well as a variations of it which can affect the way you view it. By the framing of the image, it leads you to wonder what the female is looking at. The strong light in the image is striking as it creates a strong contrast of light and dark. With the female central to the image, she acts as the main focal point and causes you as a viewer to focus on her. It allows you to connect with her and wonder what emotions she may be feeling or what she may be thinking. She looks quite lonely and lost which is why the strong light works so significantly as the way it shines on her, it appears like a sense of hope compared to her dark surroundings.

Task 2

  • Come up with five burning questions from your whole life – questions that you don’t know the answer to but that you really want to know.

What do these questions have to do with our practice? Every creative enterprise should start with a question to get the best response.

Why do people act in ways that hurt others?

Is there a God?

Why do bad things happen to good people?

Will my lack of confidence always hold me back?

Will I be successful in the future?

  • Make a list of 10 words which are important to you.











  • What would you fight/die for?


Task 3

Thinking about core values, or one of your burning questions , imagine you must leave your present life behind – you can only take a few things with you. Write a story or prose poem (200-400words) entitled Precious Things.

What shall I take? What do I need? There’s this, there’s that. But what’s precious? My memory hold’s my dearest memories. My family stand by my side. What else will I need? Things can be replaced. Clothes, phone numbers, films, music. Family and memories cannot. Photographs capture both. The past cannot be recreated, photographs last a lifetime. A single photo can tell a story, a date, a time. A season, a celebration, a loss. The things which may slip our minds can come back to us through a collection of small prints, ordered chronologically, protected by cellophane. I will take my photo album. What else? A childhood memory. Soft, cuddly. Through the happy times, the sad times. A sense of innocence. From birth until this day. Forever so special, regardless of age. I will take my teddy. What else? 2 keepsakes. I can wear these. Round my neck. Round my finger. Keep them close. A gift of thanks. A gift of love. A wedding. An anniversary. I will take my necklace. Love Laugh Live. A mantra, a way to move on and live my life. A memory of being a bridesmaid for my brother and now sister in law. Family. I will take my ring. A heart. Sparkly. Special. Relationship. Love. A memory of celebrating a year with my boyfriend. All of these, signify memories. I could not be more grateful for family and memories. I will leave one thing behind. The bad memories, the hurt. My past will no longer haunt my future. Leaving so much behind, but making a new start. Here’s to the future.


Working on your Precious Things piece so far, use this as an inspiration for a series of photos and bring them to the next session.


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