Site specific.

Joan Sternfled – ‘On this site’.

  • 50 places in America where violent acts happened.
  • Free from sensationalism, reminds us of what happened, why it happened and where it happened.
  • Images reliant on text.

Terry Kurgan

  • Independent artist.
  • South African photography.
  • Talks about a particular park and how commercial photographers target tourists. Works well but in a random way.

Donovan Wyle – ‘Maze’ 2009.

  • Prison of terrorists and freedom fighters during the 70s, close in 2000.
  • Conceptual documentary, keep repeating the way he saw he saw things to echo the control and approach everything in exactly the same way.
  • Idea of showing you different layers of being confined in a prison, all the cells, all the perimeters in the same way.
  • This work got him into Magnum.

Peter Fraser – ‘City in the mind’ 2008 – 2012.

  • Poetic response to the city.
  • Inspired by a book ‘Invisible Cities’ by Italo Calvino, a dialogue between the author and Marco Polo.
  • Although he knew London well, he wanted to show his emotional response.
  • Particular about colour and how things are seen.
  • See’s the work as a ‘porthole to another world’.

Suky Best – ‘The return of the native’.

  • Interested in nature and how native animals within the landscape are dying off.
  • Reintroduces the native species to the environment digitally.

Maciej Dakowicz – ‘Cardiff after dark’.

  • Created over 7 years.
  • Documentary photographer.
  • Positioned himself as another, but wanted to explore drinking culture of the British and how destructive it is.
  • Described it as showing despair, joy, abandonment, humiliation of drinking – played out every Saturday night.
  • Not set up, shot in digital.

Patrick Shanahan – ‘Esperantis’.

  • Photographing landscape in an ‘uncanny way’.
  • Wanted to move away from tourism, make familiar look unfamiliar.
  • Taken along the coast of Portugal and Spain, slightly interchangeable to show they are different but the same.
  • Post topographical obstruction.
  • Shoots at night, uses light to make real look surreal.

Melanie Manchot – ‘Stories from Russia’ 2004.

  • Shot in Moscow in famous historical sites.
  • Illegal to take photographs in public sites – Melanie created an interactive performance piece that questioned history.
  • Informative portraiture.

Corrine Silva – ‘Imported landscapes’ 2010.

  • Relation between North Africa and Southern Spain.
  • Shows progression of Spain rather than N.A, but now this has switched round.
  • Photographed new sites in N.A and brought them back to Spain displayed on billboards.
  • Doesn’t say why she has done it, but quizzes people on what they think.
  • Idea is to look at the site and how you relate to the space.

Susan Hiller – ‘From the Freud Museum’ 1991 – 1996.

  • Intervenes in a site and makes you think about the contents of that site and how you would consider the space.
  • Anthology of 50 objects.
  • Mixed up belief systems and reindexed them.
  • Displayed in exquisite boxes.
  • Enter the objects and think differently about the space you have been in.

Tristan Hutchinson – ‘It took the strength to tackle those hills’ 2010 – 2012.

  • Documents slow demise of towns in Ireland.
  • Scratch below the surface and show how tough times are during recession.
  • Damp, dark and bland.
  • ‘End of the earth’ kind of images.

Jeanette Lowe – ‘The flats memories, perceptions, realities’.

  • Came from a council block in East Dublin, ‘Pearse House’.
  • Went back to the area and photographed people who now live there.
  • Photographed the inhabitants then exhibited the work in the flats.

Susanne Bosch – ‘Ourselves alone’.

  • Residency in Dublin.
  • How multicultural Dublin was becoming and how they are becoming homogenised.
  • Took out everything related to Ireland to see how differently we would look at that city.


  • House is an ongoing collaboration between 3 places and 6 artists in London.
  • Explores complicated relationship.

Don’t copy things how you’ve seen them – what do I want to explore?


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