Summer Work – Rework a Project.

Task 3 – Choose something from the past years project work (level 1 classes) that youu would like to rework. Often due to time restrictions and other commitments projects have more potential than realised in the time frame of the brief and given the opportunity could be reworked to make better work. Spent time over the summer break, researching and improving one of your projects. This is something we will pick up in tutorials next term.

I decided for my project which I would like to rework was the ‘greater than the whole’ task, 150MC, which we were given near the start of  year 1. The aim of the task was to produce a cumulative portrait of a structure that can not readily be portrayed in it’s entirety in one frame. When I first completed the task, I made up a collage of a number of people’s body parts in order to make one person with the idea that someones personality is not made up alone – a number of people make you the person you are. I really liked this idea, and some of the collages worked well but in terms of photography I didn’t find them the most visually pleasing.

Therefore for re-working my project, I decided to explore my boyfriend’s personality through a number of frames because the person he is cannot be portrayed through one image. I thought of a number of things he likes, things that I and people that know him would associate with him and make up his personality.

  • Family
  • Friends
  • Basketball
  • Xbox
  • Iphone
  • Manchester united
  • Macbook
  • Vans
  • New Era
  • Frank Ocean
  • Herschel bag
  • Assassin’s creed
  • Earring
  • Red
  • Marvel
  • Funny
  • Bad luck
  • Laid back
  • Lazy
  • Disaronno

These are the contact sheets for the series of images which I took:





From these shots, I picked out 10 different images which I felt showed the different aspects of Marlon’s personality best. Most photos contained objects therefore my photos didn’t depend on emotion or facial expression, however I feel all the objects work together to show some of his favourite things and how they play a part of his everyday life. This is something that cannot portrayed through one image therefore fitting the ‘greater than a whole’ brief.












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