Summer Work – Portraits.

Task 1 – Building on this terms brief and in preparation for next terms classes you need to make 2 portraits. You can interpret this as broad as you like, but there are 2 stipulations. One portrait must be of a person you know well and one portrait must be of someone you do not know.

Consider how you will approach this brief? Have you approached each portrait differently? What is important in the portrait and how are you going to represent this?

Someone I Know…

For the portrait of somebody I know well, I decided to photograph my friend Lucy. Having previously produced some photos with her before, I knew I would be able to work well with her and make mutual decisions about the photographs we wanted to create. I also had to take into account the feedback I received from the portrait task for 152MC – to experiment more with my shots, avoid repetition and similar set ups. Knowing Lucy is very fashion conscious, I decided to go for posed stances whilst she was also able to choose her own outfits. I also varied the locations where I photographed, in order to explore different set ups.




These were my favourite images from the shoot:



DSC_0689 copy







After reviewing the images myself and discussing the best few with Lucy, we both came to the decision that this image was our favourite. I used Photoshop to clear up a few blemishes, increase the vibrance and lighten the photo. I like the image because her facial expression is quite natural and angelic, as well as being quite colourful and calm which reflects her personality.


Someone I Don’t Know…

For the portrait of somebody I don’t know, I asked my Mum’s friend Jayne if she would be happy to have her photo taken. I wanted to be more experimental and focus on her hands. I think by looking at someone’s hands you can tell something about them and it defines their personality rather than focusing on facial expression or objects. I was quite apprehensive photographing somebody I didn’t know, however it was an interesting challenge.


These were my favourite images from the shoot:





I decided to try a few different poses/ideas to see which worked best. I also tried to keep the backgrounds fairly plain so they didn’t distract away from the focus of the image. Firstly I photographed the hands on their own, then her hand covering her face. I liked this idea because you can see Jayne behind her hand however her face does not give anything away – it also introduces the idea of looking at the hand for things such as the heart line and life line which all define a person, but I don’t think the picture worked as well as I hoped. I also tried Jayne holding her hands up in front of her face, which creates the same kind of idea.

After going over my favourite images, I chose this as my final. I like the close up framing which centralises the focus on the rings. From photographing her hands, you can gauge an idea of Jayne’s age. You can also see that she is married from the engagement and wedding ring, showing her personal relationships. I liked the idea of this approach to portraiture however I feel there is a lot more to be explored – by photographing other people’s hands this could create some interesting comparisons between age or race, and things like jewellery and painted nails could say something about their personality.



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