You Are The Apple of My Eye – CUEAFS Critical Review.

You Are The Apple of My Eye (2011) is a Taiwanese film  based on a novel written by Giddens Ko who also directed the film. The film is aided by English subtitles which at first I found challenging to keep up with whilst being able to see what was actually going on, however once I was used to this, I really got into the storyline.

It begins by learning the characters of the film. Main character Ko Ching – Teng has quite a cocky personality, and to begin with it’s as if he has something to hide. Along with this is the other main character Shen Chia – Yi, the intelligent school girl who everybody has a crush on. We also meet Ko Ching – Teng’s group of friends who create a solid base for the film, whilst Shen Chia – Yi’s closest friend Chai – Wei asks a lot of annoying questions but this allows the viewer to learn more about Shen. The majority of the film is set in a school environment, which becomes quite repetitive however it is suitable for the context of the film. At first we see the typical dispute between the class clown and the top honour student, yet when Ko Ching – Teng saves Shen Chia – Yi from trouble, she decides to begin helping him with his appalling grades. Here this initiates the potential for a relationship to build, and that it does throughout the film. I enjoyed watching the two of them become close particularly how she continually pokes him in the back with a pen which becomes repetitive in the film and gives the viewer something to recognise. They share an intimate moment where Ko Ching – Teng is there to comfort Shen Chia – Yi which confirms to the viewer that there is something special between the two of them.

Following an important exam, we see the characters go their separate ways however the interesting story line is not lost – we even see their first date together. This introduces a new side to Ko Ching – Teng, where the once headstrong, arrogant character has become vulnerable, afraid of rejection = in love! As a viewer you begin to admire the couple, but undoubtedly I felt the story line of ‘boy meets girl’ was a bit predictable. After Ko Ching – Teng organises a fight competition at his new school, this causes a typical dispute where the two main characters go their separate ways due to his “childish” behaviour. This is an interesting point in the story as the viewer is able to feel part of the film as we have all experienced high school – both through childish behaviour (Ko Ching – Teng) and acting maturer than we really are (Shen Chia – Yi).

Following an earthquake reuniting the two after 2 years of no contact, I was lead to believe they would finally get back together. The film then goes back to the opening scene, where we see Ko Ching – Teng getting ready for a wedding. Here I realised I was fooled – the title, the opening scene before the flashbacks along with the story line made me believe the two would finally end up together yet he was getting ready to attend her wedding to someone else. I cannot deny that I wanted them to be together, leaving me somewhat dissatisfied with the storyline but still impressed with the film – I was looking for a typical love story. I particularly liked the recap of their time together however with the extra bits of information which were kept hidden from the viewers in the first instance. These answered all the questions I had in my head. Fitting the romantic genre, I wouldn’t say this is for everyone however with some crude humour throughout and a not so predictable story line I particularly enjoyed this film and would recommend it to others, however not to view it with high expectations.


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