Task 5.

In 250-300 words, revisit your Easter holiday research homework and discuss if and how your understanding of light has changed during this module. In an additional, but separate 250-300 words, critically reflect on how your practice has developed during this module.

Easter holiday research revisit.

In Easter, we were set the task of collection 10 interesting uses of light in photography/paintings. By doing so, finding the 10 different uses of it refreshed and enhanced my understanding of light so far. Before the module began, although I was aware of a number of different ways in which light could be used, I wasn’t so confident with how certain lighting worked and the use of different set ups.

Throughout the module we have worked with light in a number of different ways. Working both in the studio and outside, has made me realise how somewhat simple set ups can create such effective images. Light is so important when composing shots, and there are no set rules as to how you have to use it. There are so many ways you can experiment, and small changes can make a huge difference. An important aspect I learnt was not to forget the creativeness behind composition when photographing with light, as sometimes to begin with the photographer can become wrapped up in setting up the light, that the creativeness of shots is lost a little.

As well as this, working with my own pinhole camera has been a really interesting experience. This changed my understanding of light because it made me realise how powerful light is, and how incredible it is that an image can be created through something so simple as a tin or can. This also gave me chance to gain more dark room experience and understand better how to change exposures in order for an image to look its best. Overall, my understanding has improved greatly and I feel a lot more confident about working with light.

Critical reflection.

Practice and workshops has been a really important aspect of this module as actually being able to carry out work and experimentations has really helped with the understanding of how light works.

The workshops we had both inside and outside have really developed – at first I was very apprehensive with understanding how the different readings had to be considered in order to chose the correct exposure for an image. With practice, my understanding of this has really improved therefore I am now more confident in how to change the light accordingly and the camera settings. Practice also meant us working in groups, and I feel this has been really helpful in getting to know colleagues better and working together as a team is really crucial.

Dark room practice and working with my own pinhole camera has also developed well – I am more confident with working with exposure in the dark room, and composing shots with the pinhole. At first there were a few problems, as getting the right exposures to create the negatives could often be an issue however continuing practice meant my understanding of the light situation and how long I needed to expose for developed.

Overall, my confidence has developed greatly and I am now a lot more comfortable with working with light. Practice in this module has made the thought of approaching new situations, creating lighting set ups and working with others a lot less daunting. The possibilities of working with light are endless. The module has benefited me greatly, and I am excited to use this knowledge in the future.


~ by victoriasimkissphotography on May 15, 2013.

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