An artefact informed by extra-curricular activity.

For my artefact informed by extra curricular activity, I decided to focus upon my passion for swimming. I decided to take pictures of a number of things which I felt were important to me, and my journey in which I have grown up partaking in a number of swimming groups, galas and activities. I wanted to capture the essence of a swimmer through my photos therefore I had to compose my shots and position my objects effectively and creatively.

Here are my final images in which I feel portray my life as a swimmer best…




Ever since I was young, I always enjoyed swimming. I began swimming lessons in 2001 where at first I earned badges for 25m, 50m however by 2004 I had earned certificates in Bronze, Silver, Gold and Platinum. My awards file is full of my proudest moments and greatest achievements. It was in primary school where my talent began to get noticed and I was selected to partake in a number of galas and received some awards, both alone and with my relay team who you can see in the framed photo. I also then joined Stratford Sharks were I was very proud to wear the swimming cap. I was able to develop my skills and become more confident in my talent as well as be part of more competitions. My love for swimming was so strong, I even aspired to become an Olympic Swimmer. Sadly, after a few years I left my swimming group and have gradually parted from swimming quite a bit. However I have never lost the love for it and go to the swimming pool often to see how far I can push myself – you may lose fitness but you never lose the talent. Swimming gave me the confidence to strive to be my best, and I often wonder where I would be if I hadn’t left my group – I regret it everyday therefore it is important to never give up on something that means the most to you. I still hope that one day I will properly get back into my swimming because it brought a lot of joy into my life as well as keeping me fit.

Interestingly recently in the news, there has been uproar in the number of children who cannot swim with “half of seven- to 11-year-olds in England, some 1.1 million children, cannot swim the length of a standard pool, research suggests.”  (BBC News)

More information can be viewed here:

Rebecca Adlington, British Gold Medalist Olympic swimmer tweeted her thoughts and about the importance of swimming.

Screen Shot 2013-05-25 at 13.11.35

Pools 4 Schools (along with British Gas) is an incredible organisation by Total Swimming who have began working with a concept since 2007 to bring temporary swimming pools to more schools in order for the pupils to be able to learn to swim. I think this is a brilliant way to overcome such an issue as swimming saves lives and is such a crucial skill to have, as well as bringing a lot of enjoyment. Introducing swimming at a younger age can encourage young pupils to take it on further beyond lessons as well as introducing fitness and life skills.

More information can be found here:


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