Working with Light – Jonathan Shaw.

What is light?

  • Light can be a whole bunch of things, with a great number of definitions.
  • Photography and light are so entwined, as in photography we are exploring light in relation to objects.
  • How we can make something feel or look three-dimensional?
  • Camera obscura is the same as a very simple camera.
  • We can start working with composition (foreground, background) and lead the person’s eye.
  • Story/scale of objects determined by what was important on old ‘scrolls’.
  • You as the author of an image is really important as you are telling the story.
  • Howard Rheingold – Virtual Reality (1991). Related his work to cave paintings, a form of communication. Relates to social communities today.
  • Light can be energy, waves and visible light.
  • When things are unknown to us, they appear more interesting.
  • Nick Veasey, working with x-ray.


  • Photography can be a whole bunch of things – very simple ways to explore different kinds of light whether you call it photography, call it video ect.
  • Gjon Mili – shot Picasso, in the 60s when first realized how you could work with light. Not created by the mechanics of the camera but another form of light has been introduced – layering/controlling the light is really important.


  • Multiple flashes gives multiple exposure.
  • Light is the subject.
  • Line describing a cone – Anthony McCall. On film, gradually drawn a circle. Over a series of frames, projected in a particular environment creates a cone.

Line Describing a Cone 1973 by Anthony McCall born 1946

  • Sky Space – James Turrell.
  • Light as a measurement of time – Edward Muybridge. An example of how it changed the way we view the world around us.


  • We no longer see things simply as a still image – technology has allowed us to animate stills.
  • Frank Bugden, Time slice – Tim MacMillan.
  • Relations to when photography began, scientists interested in how somebody moves.
  • Harold Edgerton – high speed photography.
  • Nick Knight.
  • Anton Giulio Bragaglia – contradicted work which segmented time. Rather than trying to make it look like reality, wanted to represent an evolution of time.
  • Chris Cunningham – fusion of time slice with blur and movement.
  • Jonathan Shaw – 1993, early basic camera technologies and applying in a new form. Royal Birmingham Ballet, Basketball game at Wembley.
  • Frenchgate Centre – create a relationship with yourself through the screen.
  • Grant Scott and Jonathan Shaw – new landscapes of photography: explained explored discussed and questioned.

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