Digital Photobooks – using Adobe InDesign.

  • Adobe InDesign CS6
  • Exporting to PDF and uploading to MagCloud (can use Issuu, blurb, bob books)
  • Think about size of book
  • Plan out book sequence and layout
  • Think about physical/aesthetical appearance of book
  • Decide whether to leave space around the images, or whether you will have bleeding
  • Create folder for work
  • Create new document
  • Count number of pages including front and back – books will always have an even page number
  • Page size (A4)
  • Set width and height to size of book required
  • Set bleed accordingly
  • Red line is bleed line, purple box inside page which is margin (safe area for text, images) black is the actual page.
  • CMD + and – to zoom in and out.
  • Space bar for hand tool.
  • CMD and 0, fits page to screen.
  • Selection tool, direct selection tool, type tool and frame tool – 4 most used.
  • Overview of book on pages tab.
  • Think about image sizes and bounding boxes to suit them.
  • Change size of frame tool for photo – correct ratio for image.
  • Drag accordingly – shift to keep in ratio.
  • To place an image, file > place (or cmd and D)
  • Use direct selection tool to change image appropriately. (Orange box)
  • Number of tools to change text accordingly.
  • A – Master, frame tool (and can do text tool) – direct selection and alt to drag to double page therefore sets same to every page.
  • Click on page to come out of A – master.
  • CMD and shift to break the template when not using A master.
  • Can insert a number of images at once. Drop them in one at a time to pre-entered frames.
  • Bleeding can cause cropping a few millimeters off images.
  • Shift + W for preview.

Saving and exporting

  • Make sure you save in pre made folder.
  • File > adobe PDF presets > define (use this for the suited size book you have already decided you want) > load > MagCloud instructions > joboptions folder > Magcloud PDF export preset > done.
  • File > adobe PDF presets > magcloud PDF export preset.

Uploading to MagCloud

  • Publish
  • Log in to account
  • Create publication
  • Title and product type
  • Upload PDF
  • Choose a PDF
  • Checks all is correct
  • Create with this PDF
  • Preview – anything past red may be cut off.
  • Choose binding.
  • Sell or distribute this product – to activate online and share.
  • Fill in information
  • Sharing and distribution – social medias, email and URL.

~ by victoriasimkissphotography on February 16, 2013.

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