Kate Nolan & Paul Gaffney.

Kate Nolan


  • Ongoing project for 3 years photographing young women in Russia. Became interested in 2007 however had set backs as couldn’t get into the place at first as she had never been. However  this made Kate more determined and eventually the project began in 2009 where Kate was couch surfing in the homes of the women that she photographed.
  • Visited up to 6 times, where Kate would arrive, shoot in film for up to 3/4 weeks. Return home to process these images and sort through.
  • Likes to respond to a situation rather than pre visualise.
  • The women she photographed told her what their hopes, dreams and fears were.
  • Wanted to work in a book format, as well as use the voice of young women. Conducted audio recordings/interviews but these were scrapped.
  • Went to Holland in order to meet and discuss her book with the creator.
  • Fear of misrepresentation.
  • Wanted to tell stories of the women but not use heavy text. Like a diary? She collected a number of entries and letters which she could use.
  • Kate was unhappy with the first draft of the book, with a strip of text running between photos. Book was divided into sections.
  • Expressed the importance of making physical dummies when making a photo book.
  • Wanted to create the feeling of being ‘stuck inside the story’.
  • Different sized images gives you space, indicates more important on one than another.
  • Decided to put in all individual texts from women.
  • Self publishing books takes a lot of work – a lot of work but rewarding.
  • Personal experience for her and her friends.
  • Yes, no, and maybe piles in order to organise and choose the photos to feature in the photo book.
  • Worked with graphic designer for frequencing.
  • Cost around £7/8,000. Pre sales for funding.

Paul Gaffney

“We Make The Path by Walking”

  • Fine Art Photography Masters Degree at university.
  • Explored the South of France, Portugal, Spain.
  • Explored meditation.
  • ‘Capture paradise’ and ‘essence of journey’.
  • Travelled 30/40km a day.
  • Inspired by John Gossage – The Pond.
  • Flow of images.
  • Open to interpretation, careful with texts.
  • Journey more important than the particulars of place.
  • Digital.
  • Initial prints 6×4 to view off a screen, giving ideas of what images would work.
  • Important to talk to peers to help editing.
  • Drawn to small books.
  • Poem of context his work, put it in back of the book so people didn’t see this before his pictures. “Caminante no hay camino”, Wanderer there is no path – Antonio Machado (1912).
  • Pricing is an important aspect.
  • Simple, modest design.
  • Slowly introduce into landscapes.
  • Worked with Adobe InDesign.
  • Edited images to create better impact/better flow.
  • ‘Container for your images’.
  • Influenced by Francois Deladernere L’illusion du tranquille.
  • Inspired by Adam Jeppesen – Wake.



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