Project Arts Centre, Dublin.

24th January – 30th March 2013.

“Detouched ins’t a word. As a word that isn’t a word, it exists somewhere between retouched and detached. It’s also fairly close to untouched, which means that it has a lot to do with touch. It might be best understand as describing a detached sense of touch, or an act of touching that doesn’t involve an act of touching, however paradoxical that may sound.”


DSC_3958A.K. Burns.


DSC_3948Dennis Oppenheim

DSC_3949Alice Channer

DSC_3952Sunah Choi

DSC_3954Seth Price


At first, walking into the Projects Art Centre I was a little underwhelmed it what greeted me. I took the time to take in my surroundings, quite a large room filled with a number of things such as tv screens, projections and models. This exhibition was quite different compared to what I would usually see, and I was unsure as to whether the set up worked well. The different items by each artist were spaced out, which made it easy to digest as you went round the room and to reflect upon what you were seeing. At first I found it hard to understand what I was looking at and what it meant. However, going over each piece again I began to understand how the exhibition was exploring senses, particularly touch. I think the videos by A.K. burns worked best, as they showed a number of different things being touched such as surging through water/mud and pressing car pedals. This method of presentation is works very much with the digital age and used a digital device in order to present the work – potentially making it easier for us to connect with this as we are so into television. Because at first I found it hard to understand the exhibition I did not enjoy it so much, however after understanding it better and reflecting on it more the presentation and ideas all work together really well in order to create “Detouched”.


~ by victoriasimkissphotography on February 14, 2013.

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