Belfast Exposed.

Belfast Exposed was founded in 1983, and today has become a place for contemporary photographers to have their new work commissioned and published. Belfast Exposed has always been one to drive its local community to photograph the environment. It has a huge photographic archive available online in which contains over half a million images.

A Natural Order – Lucas Foglia

18th January to 8th March 2013.

Born in 1983, Lucas was born and raised in New York City, on a small family farm. His family stuck to traditional roots such as heating their house with wood however as he grew with age so did the farm with cars and computers. It was this mix of keeping up with the movement of the contemporary world while sticking to his life style is what made him interested to go out and photograph the lives of those that decided to ‘live off the grid’. From 2006 – 2010, he explored his fascination of people living another life. Lucas travelled through the SE United States, photographing these people and their lifestyles. Through his journey he discovered that despite those trying to uphold the self-sufficient lifestyle, it is not possible to escape from the modern aspects of the 21st century – they can only choose to embrace and reject what they wish.







I really like this work by Lucas. I think his images tell a great story of the different families and their lifestyles – instantly we can see from certain images how differently that they live. The images can be kept so simple yet hold something so much more interesting such as the picture of the dead bear on the floor. It looks so life like that it could be mistaken for a human which makes you realise the risk they live with their lifestyle. The image of the two females, one holding the gun and the other behind her we would presume is her mother, teaching her how to shoot. In the modern era this would not be what you expect yet here we see how they are raising their children to this way of life, providing for themselves. One of the images I particularly like is the picture of the little girl sitting on her father’s chest while they are both bathing – the dirtiness of the water shows the realness of their rustic lifestyle yet the male looks calm and at ease. The little girl on top of him causes the viewer to create a emotional connection with the photo as we see the relationship and the safety which she feels with her father.

More of Lucas Foglia’s images can be seen on his website.


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