Digital Truth.

Fred Ritchin – In our own image. Pixelated press. Massively out of date!

–       Why do we read this out of date text?

–       Why do we care about the transition into digital age?

–       Why do we care about those without technology?

We need to understand the transition – we are practitioners, we are working in and with this new age so we must understand it rather than just know it. Understand the shift, this is the first time people started to question images they were presented with. Questioning authenticity of what is in the image. This changed everything – the way we look at images and the entire world around us, we can no longer trust the image.

Immanuel Kant (1724-1804) Moral Philosophy. Philosopher interested in morals and our justification of our morals. Based on standard of rationality. Immorality thus involves irrational thoughts.

2 ideas of morals:

–       Consequentialist – locates the morality in the consequences of an act.

–       Categorical – locates morality in certain duties and rights.

The camera never lies. But the photographer and photograph can.


– Early 20th century, the use of found images. Use of scissors and glue in order to create them.


– “When you cut up a photo, you take a whole world with you” – Sean Hillen.

– “Collage allows the opening up of the unconscious in a way that is very direct” – John Stezaker

Industrial photomontages – clear lines and boarders of images, the medium used is clear to see, physical presence and evidence of the ‘mechanic’.

Digital photomontages – breakdown of borders (validity), the medium is information; the mechanic becomes the ‘manipulator’.

Kennard Phillips – “a collaboration working since 2002 to produce art in response to the invasion of Iraq”. An image put together is a real image, but what is being represented didn’t happen.


Blair in Iraq – 2006.

Lancome Teint Miracle – this advert was banned due to claiming that what they had achieved and shown the world through photoshop was actually achievable by science in their product. Questioned where to draw the line in manipulation.


Context is king – the digital age is full of information.

Nathan Pearce – a certain collection of images can portray a view of him that isn’t necessarily true, it affects the way in which the viewer interprets it. Books contain context – we cannot change the representation of books.




Amateur – with such great access to camera phones everyone has the ability to photograph. Usually we believe what we see – we trust that the images we see are real from genuine people, we’re not being ‘tricked’ to believe. Yet recently, we have begun to question things that do look so real.


Doug Rickard and Mishka Henner – create their ‘photography’ through using Google Earth.




You will be ‘sent’ to a place you have never before visited and be given a theme to explore. You should (through research) choose how you might best represent and approach your theme or message in the production of a series of 10 images sourced through Google Earth and/or Google Streetview.

Your workshop outcomes, along with a short (< 300 word) review, thinking about the validity of such images of places we have not set foot in, should be evidenced on your blog.

My journey to Arlington, Va. Looking at Patriotism.

waterfall at world war II memorial


Waterfall by the World War II Memorial.

pentagon 911 memorial


Pentagon 911 Memorial, in memory of those who lost their lives on the American Airlines Flight 77 on September 11th 2001.

air force memorial


The US Air Force Memorial.

flag outside air force memorial


The American Flag flying outside the US Air Force Memorial.

marine corps war memorial


The US Marine Corps War Memorial.

licoln memorial circle


The Lincoln Memorial Circle, in honour of America’s 16th President, Abraham Lincoln.

view from alington memorial bridge 2


View from Memorial Bridge.

national seabee memorial


The National Seabee Memorial to honour the members of the Construction Battalion.

memorial drive


The view down Memorial Drive to Arlington National Cemetery.


Security outside Arlington National Cemetery.

At first, I had hesitations when approaching this workshop. Initially I searched Arlington on Google Earth however this random searching was not too successful. After researching the idea of patriotism in Arlington, it was then made clear there are a number of important places to be found that do reflect patriotism. The screenshots in which I decided display show a great number of different memorials which can  be found around Arlington, including the US Air Force Memorial and World War II memorial. Also half of my screenshots, from The Lincoln Circle to security at the end, show the lead up to the Arlington National Cemetery – a greatly important place. All of my screen shots show how important these memorials are to the state and also how important the people are which are being remembered. This therefore demonstrates love for their country and their people, how they do not wish to forget and how they honor them greatly.  The validity of these images is an important factor to consider. Being a visitor who is not physically there we cannot completely claim that these photos are valid – however from what we do see, such as the people walking around, the vehicles, and the genuine history of such places we are lead to believe that these do show what is really there.  Once I was able to understand the task better from researching into Arlington, I am pleased with the screenshots I have found and how they portray patriotism. One shot, as simple as the US flag flying outside the Air Force Memorial, shows pride of the country.


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