Adobe Premiere Pro CS6.

  • Keep all files/work flow really simple. Keep everything in one folder for each project.
  • Adobe Premiere Pro CS6 – new project. Choose location to save and name.
  • New sequence – digital SLR 1080p24/25/30. (24 – cinematic, 25 – best option, 30 – American style, wont want this) Dependent on what you shot.
  • Window – work space – reset current workspace. If things get messy!
  • Bottom left hand corner = projects window. All files using stored here.
  • Above is the window at which we can watch raw footage. Then move down to sequence/timeline in bottom right hand corner.
  • Multiple video/audio tracks.
  • Visually represented in top right hand corner window.
  • File – import – choose folder with video files and select files needed. Or right click in project window and import.
  • Make sure video info matches – file – new – new sequence.
  • Double click to rename.
  • Space bar play and pause.
  • Dragging play head = ‘scrubbing’.
  • L – speeds up video. Useful for going through videos quickly. K – slows down. J – rewinds, continually pressing this also speeds up.
  • Left and right arrow keys to move frame by frame.
  • ‘I’ marks in video. ‘O’ marks out video. Cropping the section we want from large video. Non-destructive editing.
  • Drag selection onto timeline. Can zoom in and out.
  • Think about how things are in the real world when editing.
  • Insert edit – select clip, hold down command key, click and drag in front of other clip. Over wright edit – goes over what is already there.
  • Select clip and back space – lift delete. Leaves a gap in the film. Ripple delete – select clip, hold down alt and back space.
  • Can drag video only or audio only (overwrite edit)
  • Can drag images onto timeline.
  • When image is too big for frame, double click on clip in timeline where image is – effects control – motion – scale – drag this back to make image smaller.  Can move and position photo to suitable requirements.
  • Audio files treated in same ways.

~ by victoriasimkissphotography on January 29, 2013.

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