Sontag, S. Platos Cave in On Photography.

Summary points – pages 3 to 24:

  • What photographs are
  • What they do/how they influence us
  • Different uses of photographs eg. Evidence
  • The argument of art vs truth – photographs are more of an interpretation
  • Popular uses of photography by everyone eg. Memories, weddings
  • Interesting fact of how a family with a child twice as likely to have a camera (sociological study in France)
  • Tourism photography reflects insecurities of a new a place – relates to work ethic (stop, take photo, move on – an act of work)
  • Everything has the right to be photographed
  • Photographing someone explores them in ways they may not have necessarily thought before
  • More interested in the shot of the past rather than what is actually in the shot (history)
  • Photographs = easy reading. Way to portray information
  • Photographs hide more than they tell – we don’t actually accept reality.
  • Can never be used for political or ethical purposes as it is used for so many other things (again reflecting on reality).

~ by victoriasimkissphotography on January 15, 2013.

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